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Monday, May 8

Ego and love of pontificating

Quiet, please-- the librarian has some comic reviews!

Green Arrow 61 OYL
Judd Winick isn't my favorite comic writer, but the Ollie Queen as mayor storyline is pretty funny. Arrogant, brash, with power-- that's sort of an obvious fit for Green Arrow. But of course, Brian K. Vaughan's Ex Machina sets a nearly insurmountable bar for the politician/superhero.

What becomes of the rabble-rouser who becomes the man?

He's a progressive mayor: Gay marriages performed every Friday.

Save the city by turning it into a "giant plastic wearhouse with casinos and high rise condos. Buries the underclass that stayed"

My ego and love of pontificating would have sought out politics sooner.

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. All I needed was a good entrance.

Ion Guardian of the Universe
Ron Marz writer, Greg Tocchini artist

"I'm just an average guy, I didn't ask for any of this" is the essence of the Ion comic.
Kyle Rayner is off at an artist retreat. He's brooding about his last three- dead- girlfriends. He has the floppy hair, open shirt artist thing down pat. An a pierced belly, tatooed, and, sigh, girl who doesn't speak moves in next door.

"My luck with women, she's probably better off staying away from me anyway. I stick with my art and my job for a while. {Woe is me boy! Artist guy with women troubles-- that's like a template for getting girls}

This line touched me- "A year since Jen died and gave me her gift. And I still miss her, despite how things ended with us. A year of keeping everyone at arm's length"

But he is being drawn back to being "ion" the Torch Bearer.
I agree with the Silver Bullet Review that the art is disappointing and the story somewhat confusing. I haven't heard any real praise for this title.


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