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Thursday, May 4

Peter Parker hit the jackpot

I've compiled some links on the Peter Parker- Mary Jane marriage and Joe Q-less and his vitriolic hate of their relationship. It might have been in "Web of Romance", but there was a scene where Peter sees MJ watching basketball with Luke Cage and Tony Stark, and just admires her charisma and spunk. It almost brought me to tears, and that is why I love them together. Average guy scores super-hot redhead? Who really loves him? Yea, lets break that up.

This all started from a two sentence post I saw at 2 Guys Buying comics. Chris, I respect you too much to believe your 'inclined to agree with him'.

Silver Bullet comics The petition to keep Spidey and Mary Jane together!
This petition is to let Mr. Quesada and Marvel know that fans enjoy Spider-Man being married to Mary Jane. They have already tried killing off MJ and an extended period of separation between the two. It didn't work. There is a history and relationship there that fans don't want to be thrown out. Mr. Quesada has apparently made the decision to destroy this 19 year marriage based on his own opinions of who Spider-Man should be.

CBR forums
I would argue that marrying MJ was Peter's happy ending.

Comics should be good has some great comments regarding this...
Iron Lungfish said...
Every time Quesada opens his mouth I just think to myself, "THIS moron is running Marvel Comics?" I'm hard-pressed to name a single instance where he's demonstrated a keen and intuitive understanding of what makes any given character work (as the most recent Newsarama feature painfully demonstrates). At best he offers vague generalities; at worst he completely fails to understand the appeal of the very characters and titles he's in charge of.

Matthew Craig said...
Stick with Mary Jane? Why the hell not: after all, she's as integral to the series as Lois Lane is to Superman. She was on the scene before Gwen Stacy, she was there for Peter after Gwen died, and more importantly, she's capable of a life outside of the relationship. Can Lois Lane say that?

Joe Quesada is a dumbass

Reporting on Marvels and Legends
Seems Joey Q said Peter Parker and Mary Jane being married is a mistake, and they need to fix it. Only problem is Joe Questionable-Intelligence feels there's too much history to be able to split them apart.

Spidey's marriage to Mary Jane: Good, Bad, or Neutral


At 8:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I am sure you probably know about this already, but I just read that tomorrow is free comic book day.

At 10:17 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Just to clarify: I don't think that marriage (or superhero marriage) is necessarily bad in and of itself. Heaven sakes, I'm married to a hot redhead, so I certainly don't have a leg to stand on in that respect. :-)

But the problem with Spider-Man's marriage in particular (and I am by no means a Spider-Man fan generally) is that from what I've seen it's largely a token marriage.

MJ looks out the window, wonders if Peter's coming back this time from his latest brawl with the [insert criminal here].

That scene above is the only thing I've ever seen to make me think that they're actually married, instead of just dating. And largely it's the only scene writers have used recently (that I've seen) to do the same.

But I will cop to the fact that I read very very few Spider-Man comics these days, so my knee-jerk reaction comes from a position of ignorance. :-)

If it's not a marriage that means something or adds to the title character's characterization, then it's worthless. And it becomes just a limiting factor in determining what types of stories can be told, and that is a bad thing.

Anyway, here's hoping I still have your respect! (And this'll teach me to go blogging without having thought something all the way through first. :-) )


At 3:30 PM, Blogger redlib said...

Ah, ha! A redhead wife-- well, your life must be interesting!

Well, I don't read all the Spider-man's series out there-- I do read Friendly Neighborhood SM and Spiderman loves Mary Jane (and Marvel Zombies). True, sometimes he comes in from some explosive fight, says hi to MJ and Aunt Mae, and that's all.

Spidey loves MJ is completely from her teen viewpoint, and I have liked her unique voice. And recently when Logan was hitting on MJ- thought Peter was dead- there was some great dialogue there too.

I think in this case, it is the one marriage relationship that is adds to the character, and the identity trouble of the balance a superhero life and a wife at home.

I still respect you, even when we disagree. But I'm right.

At 5:16 PM, Blogger ShoreTurtle said...

Hey Chris--hot redheads are trouble!

At 1:01 PM, Blogger Mark said...

So JQ realises Pete can neither be a divorcee or a widower, as that'll age him even more than being married. Feeling deeply for Marvel's overpaid (did you see those pictures of his kitchen?) mouthpiece in chief, I put on my thinking cap and went to work.

Three years later, it came to me: what could happen to end a relationship that will result in Peter coming out of the marriage seeming less mature rather than more? First, Mary Jane must leave Peter for someone sleazier, older, with more money, and a better car. That's right: she's going to have to run off with Iron Man. Then, on the rebound, Peter's going to have to go around getting drunk every night for an issue feeling sorry for himself, making regrettable late night phone calls to all his exes. Next month, they get an off-panel quicky divorce, and no-one ever mentions it again. Mary Jane joins the supporting cast of IRON MAN for two issues, before leaving to "find herself" at a feminist retreat in Alaska. Bada bing!

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