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Thursday, May 11

They had a fight, Triangle wins, Triangle Man

Oooh, I love a good fire! There were tons of fire sirens and helicopters today in my town-- part of a shopping center went up. I don't want anyone to get hurt, or businesses destroyed, but I love seeing flames. Guess being a water sign, it's the draw of the opposite.

Can't Get No
We've all seen the ads for Rich Veitch's Can't Get No [vertigo, 6/21]. I get an e newsletter PW Comics Week, that included this panel. Detailed and emotional panels- hope the rest is just as good.

I try to have a life outside of comics and the library!
Went to see Convictions, and Australian film - with many Irish actors- at the
Trenton Film Fest last weekend. The story jumps between a man guarding Beacon Hill in 1879 -(is he mad or is it haunted or demonic?) and 1969 where a college student Melanie tries to learn the truth. Turns out the director won the Best Foreign Film- Director. I loved the cinematography and unusual shots in the black and white flashbacks and the stormy night of 1969. This film fest has grown in the last few years, getting more films and promotion each year.

Getting my yearly live dose of They Might Be Giants this Friday in Philly! The live show is always tight, smart, and fun. If you haven't listened to TMBG since the Ana Ng, Birdhouse in your Soul, Particle Man days-- Mink Car and Indestructible Object are recent releases worth your time.
And, you are probably hearing the 5 original songs in the Dunkin Donuts ads-- today I heard "It's superhot so I don't want to mow the lawn"

Soon: Swamp Thing 25, Friendly Neighborhood Spidey 8, Catwoman 54 and Spidey loves Mary Jane --- and the arrival of the blonde rival Gwen Stacy!


At 7:17 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Wait, did the Johns write the songs for all the new DD ads? Even the "Swimming, soccer, ballet, oboe, and last but not least, KARAT-AY!!!" one? Because, you know, brilliant.

At 8:14 PM, Blogger redlib said...

Is that part of the Doing things is what I like to do. Yes! one?

I like the unsticking from the pleather one!
At the bottom of this blog you can watch them.


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