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Monday, July 28

8 of 52 issues

(Trinity 9 out this week)

I read some comics on the train to NY, where Shoreturtle ran an amazing 1/2 marathon!
It was so cool to see him run through Times Square, only a block from our sweet hotel, The Muse.
Run Photos of Central Park, Times Square, and West Side Hwy to Battery Park. Then visitor L from VA came up last night for some food, talk, and Wii carnival games.

I've been sort of wishy-washy on Trinity, but read 6- Trinity 8 together-- maybe the way to read them is to bunch a few together instead of the weekly taste. Busiak adds a lot more than just the normal wallop punch, including thoughts on the nature of the three: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman. What do people think of them? Their relationship to each other? And the tarot card reader, Morgaine, and Enigma stories are starting to gel. Guess I'll keep buying.

DMZ 31 is part 3 of the Blood in the Game storyline. Democratic elections in the DMZ, interference and murder from Trustwell Corporation..a highly charged time as election day comes around.

Justice Society 17 contains a cute scene with redhead Maxine, and a monkey. It continues the Gog storyline. Sadly, I've never read Kingdom Come so I'm outside this one a bit.

Reading Fables 9: Sons of Empire, the last trade the library owns until 10, The Good Prince arrives.

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At 3:27 AM, Blogger running42k said...

Good run by turtle.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Y'gotta read KINGDOM COME. I'm a Ross-sceptic and even I loved it.


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