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Sunday, July 13

Fabletown nights

Having a productive and good weekend, just in from the pool and reading comics in the beach chair by it.

Shoreturtle and mom put in to buy me a new car stereo for the Scion-- the CD hasn't worked, so I've been OK with XM-- but now I can rock the XM, stereo, and my Ipod! And I went to REI to use a bday gift certificate today.

Thanks to phillygirl, who brought a stack about 2 feet high of graphic novels, from Fables trades 2-7 and lots of different Ennis written GNs.

So far, I'm up to Fables, vol. 6, reading about one a night. I loved Vol. 2, Animal Farm-- Goldilocks is a militant and sleeping with the son Bear! The contrast of Fabletown and the upstate Farm, with Rose Red (of course I like her) at the center of it. These make me search my memory for what I know of Bluebeard, Little Boy Blue, Snow White...

3, Storybook Love built on the Prince Charming for mayor story, with Bluebeard and Goldilocks twisting the tale. 4, March of the Wooden Soldiers led to the big fight with the Wooden Matrix-like agents sent by The Adversary to take Fabletown. Snow White led the troops excellently, even in her pregnant state. And 5, the Mean Seasons was more about the 6 (7!) cubs of Snow White and Bigby-- floating in the air at the Fable Farm.

It's kind of strange blowing through the trades-- it's fun to gobble up the stories, and not forget from floppy issue to issue what happened. And this will put me up to issue 47, so I had bought them at $3 a pop, that's $150 I didn't spend. (not that I spent it anyway).

I'm getting ready to put in a big adult and teen GN order at the library-- and I know Fables vol. 10 is on the list. Only a few away to catching up.



At 1:11 PM, Blogger Mark said...

FABLES is one trade series I always buy myself, rather than wait and see if work'll buy it on my request.

At 7:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you are enjoying Fables. I plan to get some more when I get back from vacation.

BTW did you find Preacher #9? I searched my stacks last night just in case, but didn't see it.
- Phillygirl


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