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Tuesday, July 8

Towards the library

I read that My Morning Jacket had a new song called "Librarian". Of course I was interested enough to get it from iTunes. I really like it. This clip doesn't quite cover the whole song. I think it's lovely (and that's not a word I use too often).

It's not like you're not trying, with a pencil in your hair
To defy the beauty the good lord put in there...

Simple little bookworm- buried underneath...
Is the sexiest librarian... take off those glasses and let down your hair for me.

So I watch you thru the bookcase- imaging a scene:
You and I at dinner, spending time, then to sleep.



At 7:40 PM, Anonymous Rebecca said...

I like it :)

At 3:40 AM, Blogger running42k said...

no one does songs about accountants. So sad.

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Mark said...

I feel like I'm being objectified.


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