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Sunday, July 6

America's birthday is over

I love when the holiday falls to give us a three day- and I didn't have work at the library! Spent Friday working on the yard and the house, with a raft race in the pool in between. Yesterday, some friends came over for food, beers, sangria, bocce ball, diving in the pool, Wii Fit and carnival games-- all in all a really good day.

Today got to sleep in- shoreturtle made pancakes- and I opened cards and presents, because it's my birthday! Didn't get to bike ride in Canada, so we got our bikes out for the first time in like 2 years and took a 7 mile ride in the park-- and the rain let loose leaving us soaked only in the last mile!

On to comics-- Is anyone else reading Tiny Titans (that doesn't have small children?). I've always thought the little images were cute, but really got interested after seeing Art Baltazar and Franco on a DC panel in Wizard World Philly. They were funny and mentioned how just about any DC character could appear in Tiny Titans...

I bought issue 5, mostly because highlighted on the front is Batgirl (and Nightwing-- his name change is the source of a lot of comedy in the book). There are short stories that cover a lot of DC characters, in a colorful, cutesy superhero style I love. I bought some Super Friends for my nephew which is also adorable. DC is succeeding with the younger crowd with these two titles.

I love the play on the classic Batgirl - the tricycle instead of a Batcycle.

And how about these redheads Sungirl and Star?

There are about 100 more scannable images in just the one Tiny Titans. Let's keep this one alive! (Now if I need to get back on the Trinity weekly- up to 3)

Phillygirl brought over a ton of Fables GNs, so I'll be a busy little reader with those too!

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At 4:28 AM, Blogger running42k said...

Happy Birthday.

At 11:36 AM, Blogger Joe said...

Happy Birthday! Rock On!


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