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Tuesday, June 17

Food, Rides, Carnival games

The carnival opened last night a few blocks from us. The weather was supposed to be severe rain, L&T, even when the wind kicked up we left. Did get to have some carnival food with mom and shoreturtle. Tonight is fireworks night so we are going back.

Tomorrow night is REM! The weather has cooled into the upper 70s so hopefully it will be a nice outdoor show. Will be great to see the new Accelerate songs performed.

As far as comics, I read House of Mystery #2- still really enjoying the art and concept.

Trinity 1 and 2- hey I'm caught up on a weekly series! So far, so good. I like the focus on the big three and how they have different reactions. Batman sees criminality, Wonder Woman an oracle force. The backstory with Green Lantern and the purple Konvict was full of action and little barbs..Trinity 3 this week!

Hope those of you in the Buffyverse read Buffy Season 8: #15.
There is a giant robot Dawn, Willow's magic, Dracula joining forces against vampires in Japan, Andrew's jokes...

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