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Saturday, May 24


Trying to return to normal the last few days after my sister's memorial service. It went as well as it could, with a lot of her coworkers, childhood friends, and family there.

I'll share a small portion of what I said at the prayer service.

I stand here wishing that I didn’t have to stand here – saying goodbye to L.

L loved life and laughing, and I think she would not have wanted our sadness and tears. So I’m going to just say a few good things I remember.

M said the other day that if you were at a party, and didn’t meet L, something was wrong.She would be sitting and laughing and talking loud, meeting everyone.Then she might find a flower arrangement and rip out a flower to put in her mouth and dance around the room...

People I would never expect sent cards, ecards, sent emails, or commented here-- even received a few sets of flowers myself. That really meant something to me. I went back to work and faced 700 emails and a brand new circulation system, but its OK.

Tomorrow some friends are coming over for grilling, maybe a dip in the pool, and some Wii.
Have a good long weekend (states)!

[anyone going to Wizard Philly? It seems so soon after NY Comicon, and of course I haven't focused much on it. Got my ticket the other day ]


At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Randy said...

My deepest sympathies on the death of your sister. Hope you hang in there as best you can. :)


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