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Friday, May 30

Philly Wizard

Taking the train into to Wizard World Philly today. I grabbed my sketchbook, and a few 52's in case I get to artist J.G. Jones, Moon Knight for Finch, and some flyers for the MidJersey Comicon. With all that is going on with work and family, I haven't planned for the con like I usually do. Plus, the Wizard web site was not real friendly to let you know what was happening- just found the guest list, but no artist alley list, and no program list.

Anyway, I may be sending some camphone photos from the con.
Have you picked up Vertigo's House of Mystery 1 (sneak peak available)? This image is from a side story by Bill Willingham - The Hollows?. I never read HoM, but I know it has a long comic history and figured this was the place to jump in. I like the art and initial storytelling.

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