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Monday, May 12

Gene Colan

Comic artist Gene Colan is suffering from liver failure, something I know intimately now that my sister is hospitalized for the same thing. Cirrhosis and kidney failure have caused the same symptoms Gene has- swelling (ascites and edema) and jaundice- and the host of problems with blood pressure, nausea, fatigue. Besides for the emotional cost to my family of time at the hospital and nursing home, wondering how much or if she will recover, what happens when she returns home...and my sister at least has insurance for her 7 weeks of testing, medications, and hospital visits. The Colons do not have these things. So if you can, just send a few dollars to the Colans paypal.

I can only hope Marvel can pony up some of that Iron Man movie revenue to help one of their legend artists.

Not a great day at work so I'm going to veg on the couch and then take a spinning class in the morning.



At 1:39 AM, Blogger running42k said...

Nice touch and thanks for including that link. Makes me glad I live in Canada where we actually ensure all our citizens have health care.

Work still not going well? The spinning class might have worn off the stress.

At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Randy said...

His name is Gene Colan. Not Colon.

At 1:54 PM, Blogger RedheadFangirl said...

I fixed it Randy. I had a few other things on my mind.


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