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Tuesday, April 29

Tomorrow: many librarians converge

Tomorrow with three other awesome librarians I am presenting "Adult Graphic Novels for Every Library". I get a small slot to champion a few favorites: DMZ, Criminal, Jack of Fables, Wonder Woman and Rex Libris. Hope it all goes well. The conference is in Long Branch on the ocean, but the weather here is in the 50s so it won't be as fabulous as last weekend.

TV squad review and videos from NYCC on Venture Brothers and Battlestar and Moonlight I know some of you are fans of these shows, but I don't watch them...I don't know where this Moonlight panel came from, because I don't think it was on my highlighted schedule, and I didn't get to see Mr. Jason Dohring at all.

Alan Tudyk back on TV! - if ABC picks up the comedy- (Wash from Firefly!)

Iron Man on TV

Warner Brothers and Superman
The federal ruling, which gives the heirs a stake in rights sold 71 years ago, could put a serious crimp on future plans for one of the studio's most enduring -- and lucrative -- franchises, especially if co-creator Joe Shuster's heirs follow suit in five years, when they are eligible to do so.

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At 6:13 PM, Blogger Nick said...

Maybe I am a stick in the mud for saying this but....I didn't think the new Superman movie was all that great to begin with. Oh sure Kevin Spacey was pretty good as Lex Luthor but, show me a movie Kevin Spacey sucks in.

All these legal issues with rights in relation to Superman could be a blessing in disguise.

At 7:01 PM, Blogger David said...

Looking forward to presenting with you at the NJLA conference! Our panel will rock!

At 3:10 AM, Anonymous Redhead Fangirl's #1 Fan said...

How was the conference? Was your presentation SRO? Did many attendees have their hair up in a bun? Any fist fights over Dewey Decimal vs Library of Congress?

At 6:04 PM, Blogger RedheadFangirl said...

RF#1- Conference presentation fabulous, not SRO but only a few seats left and with all the competition in our time slot, that was great! 60 librarians. No fist fights, but there is always debate on where graphic novels should go-- 741.5, GN collection, etc-- don't get the librarians going!


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