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Tuesday, April 22

Vertigo the edge

I have notes on a few panels I wanted to share:

Vertigo:Welcome to the Edge
Friday panel 4PM was much better than the Saturday one I hear- that one basically opened the floor to "why Vertigo sucks". That's pretty demoralizing to the excellent creators on the panel...

But Friday, an excellent panel that included favorites Brian Wood, Brian Azzarello and Grant Morrison riffing on Seaguy- and how in the teen Seaguy title matadors will have to dress bulls in stockings--and how Pablo the beekeeper talks like a bee but recorded it will say "you have to get out of here!".

I've read We3 and All Star Superman, and always thought of Grant as very serious in tone and story-- but that accent added to some funny stories. And his pictures always show him not smiling, but he was grinning all over.

Buckingham discussed Fables #75, the big war, big changes issue where "no one is safe" and the "makeup of the homeland changes" It will be a double size 56 pager.

Sad to see The Un-Men end. Also Loveless and 100 Bullets end. Am interested in Air (Cairo writer), The Unknown Soldier, and the Northlanders with Brian Wood teaming with Ryan Kelly (they worked on Local together). Maybe House of Mystery or Madame Xanadu (Matt Wagner). Or Greatest Hits by Tischman and Fabry, about "The Mates"- how superheroes would be like rock stars. The covers are takes on classic albums.

Panelists right side

Panelists left side

CBR summary

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At 4:53 AM, Blogger Gordon D said...

First, I'm sad (but happy, in a weird way) to see 100 BULLETS end. It's been a recent discovery, and I'm now all caught up on reading it. However, I would rather a book go out on its own terms than to keep on publishing for the sake of publishing.

Also, where do I get that Dalek that opens up? I want!

At 6:32 AM, Blogger RedheadFangirl said...

Thought you'd like that Dalek! I don't know what booth was selling it though.


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