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Monday, May 5

Hulk Smash and Grab

In the lobby of the movie theatre, there is the giant Hulk statue. Looking through the windows, shoreturtle was discussing how it could be stolen...leading me to the line...
Hulk Smash and Grab?

Shoreturtle and I went to see Iron Man last night. I did like it. But I didn't Love it, capital L. It does have a 94% Rotten Tomatoes review. Maybe because I went during the week after a long work day, I was a little tired. There were a lot of dudes in the audience.

Robert Downey Jr. was great casting after all. He could handle the wittiness and arrogance of Tony Stark, and even pull off the engineering genius scenes. I think I liked those best- it is always encouraging to see brains and not just brawn.

Pepper Potts is one of the greatest names, and Gwyneth of course looked great, but her intelligence shines though too.

I'm glad the final street fight scene didn't go on too long- it was little too much like Transformers to me.

I should have gotten the S.H.I.E.L.D reference way before I did.

I missed Free Comic Book Day, my LCBS still has a "shitload" , so he set some aside for me.

Rome, GA and the dismissal of the Gordon Lee case, editorial in the Rome, GA paper.
As you can imagine as a librarian I am VERY against censorship, and for intellectual freedom. This case with a single panel, a representation of a work of art no less, was a complete farce and waste of tax dollars and staff hours. Having lived in GA for 7 years though, I understand how it happened. Working in a public library there the "Family Friendly" group from the local Baptist megachurches would challenge books on a near daily basis. In 6 years at my NJ public library, I've heard only a complaint or two, and for that I am grateful.

Year's Best Crime Novels I haven't read one, so no suggestions, but looks like a great list.

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At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iron Man was great. We went to see it for Mother's Day. Just awesome!

- Phillygirl


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