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Tuesday, May 29

Wood axes, polar bears

Back to work week grind! Some images to share--
I wanted to share these handcrafted guitars from a program at my library. Rich crafts electric guitars, amplifiers and more. It was really interesting to see electric guitars in beautiful wood- although he admits you have to sit to use them because of their weight. It's great when your personal hobbies can cross with work.

Friend Bryan had artist Dave Perrillo, a MidJersey regular, create this image of Michael from Lost being eaten by a polar bear as revenge for killing his beloved Ana Lucia.

It's almost June, and that means Wizard World Philly. I have to say that the NY Comicon (and putting on my own MidJersey), have taken some of the excitement from Wizard. I've been waiting for the programming, which will get me more jazzed. It's always great to see local artist and dealer friends. I guess being the third year I've gone to it, with many of the same names, takes some juice out. PhillyGirl got her 3 day, so it is fun to fangirl together.

Reading Preacher GN now.

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