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Tuesday, May 15

Firestar rocks NJ

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 18- redhead Firestar takes him home- to New Jersey!

More Spidey-- THANK you to Matt Fraction for Sensational Spider-Man Annual 1, for a mature and thoughtful Mary Jane and Spidey story. This is why they are married, and from the doubts of the start of their relationship, until now, this is the MJ that should remain married to Spidey.

Get well wishes to comic blogger doc Scott at Polite Dissent!

Hope everyone is checking out Dave's Free Comic Book Month matches at YACB!

Getting caught up-- got last weeks comics, and only 5 in the pile. Y the Last Man, DMZ, Two Gun 2 (trying more Boom! Studio stuff), Jack of Fables 10 and Rex Libris 8 (natch).

And with that library reference, Check out The Rock and Roll Librarian, for another blog from a cool Jersey librarian. Music, zombie movies, librarianship!

I recently learned that books that used to be called "horror" in the bookstore or library, are now labeled "dark fantasy" because of the glut of King wannabees in the 80s. Speaking of King, just finished son Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box. An aging metal god buys a ghost on the internet...horror, or dark fantasy, ensues. Judas, the lead character, also finds more of himself and how he treated his young, goth girlfriends (boys, take note)

Except that he hadn’t kept her safe, he knew that now. …what he thought of as a personal strength- he was happy to know about her only what she wanted him to know- was something more like selfishness. A childish willingness to remain in the dark, to avoid distressing conversations, upsetting truths. He had feared her secrets- or more specifically, the emotional entanglements that might come from knowing them.

Next: sweet and simple reviews of some comics from the last month.

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At 7:50 PM, Blogger Swinebread said...

Hmmm…Angelica Jones she was really Mary Jane in disguise wasn’t she.

At 6:04 AM, Blogger redlib said...

That's interesting..had to go check it says her civilian identity of Angelica did look like MJ. In SMLMJ, she has a big crush on Peter, but he's holding back.

At 9:19 AM, Blogger Swinebread said...

"It is interesting to note that Firestar's civilian identity, Angelica Jones, looked very similar to the '70s design of Mary Jane Watson, the sometimes-girlfriend (and later, wife) of Peter Parker in the Spider-Man comics."

funny huh


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