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Thursday, May 17

Moore Lost Girls, other girls

My celebration of Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's wedding was to get Lost Girls on ILL, because there ain't no way we'd buy it at our public library. I'm glad another patron asked for it, and I get to look it at for week until it goes back, because I'm sure my tech services branch had a coronary if they flipped through it. So far, I've read a few pages, but the pastel based children's type illustrations are not my cup of tea-- more on it later.

Birds of Prey 105. More fangirl squees over the combination of the new BOP and the Secret Six. Hawkgirl, and Harley Quinn (Philly Girl!) driving up saying 'Hey, half-naked fellas and top-heavy lady!'. Just makes me grin.

I stopped reading All Star Batman and Robin 5, and wouldn't have bought the Wonder Woman heiny issue. Now that hear the content (WW just wants to bang Superman!) , so glad I passed. Issue 6 does have that adorable Batgirl cover though...

I did buy World War Hulk 106, and was glad to see it's focus on She-Hulk. Not sure I'll follow the whole series.

Tag 3 deepens the story for Ed, the Tag survivor who is traveling around to piece the Tag history together. It's detective novel, or reporter thriller, but it works. Drawn by Chee, written by Mike Leib, Ed's a below-average type who gets the girl- of course it all turns on him. A minor complaint, but a la Identity Crisis and other , the girl goes batty and screws up the boys life.

Y 56!! Inevitable reunion, but a bit anticlimatic. 355 gives a scarf to Yorick, signaling the (temp) end of their road. Only 4 more issues of my favorite series ever.

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At 9:32 AM, Blogger Nick said...

Yeah #5 was BAD....really bad.

Ultimates #13 was really GOOD though, EIGHT PAGE PANEL SPREAD!!! Read it if you haven't gotten a chance yet.


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