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Saturday, May 12

What words rhyme with buried alive?

Shoreturtle, PhillyGirl, me and a ton of underage kids packed the Stone Pony last night to see They Might Be Giants. They have a new album coming soon, and played a lot of new songs. I liked the slow "Careful what you pack" and a song with obsure words like "phrenology". I've seen them there 3 times, and the crowd was def. the worst this time. It was 14 and up-- those young kids just took up the whole floor space. Some guy next to us was almost lighting people on fire; shoving for position; and I could see them less than any other show. That said, it was still classic TMBG. There was even a song that said "up the library steps!"
Took a nice 5 mile bike ride today. The trail ran along a lake and everyone is enjoying the nice weather.



At 4:45 AM, Anonymous Redhead Fangirls #1 Fan said...

Reminds me of the time The Lizzie dragged me and Sherry to NYC to see Roger McGuinn (of The Birds) and didnt tell us we had standing room only floor seats. People kept pushing and shoving. I yelled at this ugly girl with a big nose.


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