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Thursday, May 10

I'm so hungry I could eat a universe

52 It ends here!
I liked this weekly series, but the ending was "eh" for me. Or, as happens with these multiverse, megaverse, parallel Earth storylines, more "huh?". I know they explained that 52 writers crafted stories on these B and C grade characters, but the World War III to fill in the actual One Year Later hole left by the big 3. Well, that bent the promise of what 52 was supposed to tell us. We did learn about what happened "in a world without Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman", but I guess I thought we'd finally hear more from them near the end of the series-- not just that Bats was hiding in a cave or whatever. Not to stomp on those of you who love Booster Gold, but the "glory years" to come don't interest me much.

I love Ralph Dibny, and liked his storyline (until it was cut short). Renee, the Question, and Batwoman was another of the strongest. Infinity, Inc, Steel, serviceable story but not very thrilling after she realized Luthor was- shocker- a bad guy manipulating them. Black Adam was OK, but I can just hear the voice over "they killed his love, his wife, so revenge is his to take!"

In the end, I may not be the best person to analyze the series from the long range of putting back pieces from 1960's continuity. But I am a fan, and bought all 52 issues, so that's gotta hold some water.

X-23 5
I have enjoyed X-23 in this story arc (Target X), not having read the first round. Already up to 5 of a 6 part series, Laura is headed with the big finale fight with Wolverine, from the preview image. I think the art is very sharp and attractive, except in issue 5 it veers into too much boob territory with Kimura, her handler/nemesis and X23. Chris Yost and Craig Kyle have written here a girl you can't help but root for- a weapon used against her will who loses everyone who she cares about.

Since January I had the trade of Testament at work. I've finally started reading it-- but man, for a book that ties into the bible there is a lot of sex and nudity! Interesting even for a nonreligious person like myself. I don't see much of the blogosphere talk about this-- anyone out there try it?

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