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Wednesday, April 25

Luna Brothers and Girls

A big goodbye to the series Girls, which finished at issue 24. I really liked this series, with it's sci-fi, relationship, sex, gender, family, sperm monster, guns, torches, and many naked girls. D at the comic store said that it "always looked so bizarre" when he flipped through it. You know when the comic store employees think it's odd, you've got something.

Ethan was a great protagonist, put upon for beginning the cycle, but coming through in the end. Despite the huge amount of naked content, I didn't feel it was as exploitative as some series for some reason.

Thanks Luna Brothers for a couple years of interesting floppies that always went to the top of the pile. I'd suggest this series to everyone, but I'll bet the cliffhanger effect is way down in trade.

Norm Breyfogle's art on The Danger's Dozen
(Norm drew me in OBS as a zombie!)

COUNTDOWN, DC Comics’s new, yearlong weekly series, will be supported with an unprecedented preview of the first two issues of the series on MySpace’s new comic book community. MySpace Comic Books, located at, will be the only place to see the first two issues of COUNTDOWN online, in their entirety. The online content will roll out over a series of three weeks:

* The first ten pages of COUNTDOWN 51 will be on on May 4.
(I haven't explored the My Space comics-- it came fast on the heels of

Top 10 Comic Book Movies (if you're gonna have a top 10 list, why list 2 sequels?)

52, week 50

Free Comic Book Day: May 5

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