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Thursday, May 3

I (heart) Peter Parker

I have Spidey tickets for Friday-- going with three boys! While it's not a perfect adaptation from the comics, I like the Spidey series above all others, mostly because of Tobey. He hits all the high spots of trying to be a hero, and a decent human being. Of course I adore the MJ storyline. Kirsten is not the MJ I think of from the comic-- she's not as strong or sassy- I think she's been good in the films.

Bryce talks about being "the other woman" in Spidey 3

Jane magazine had an interview with both Kirsten and Bryce, where Bryce says once she died her hair blonde she got a lot of attention Kirsten said that blondes attract everybody, but redheads get the smarter and sweeter guys..

94% of Fandango ticket sales

Spidey 3 already setting records

Wikipedia Spidey 3

Official movie blog

Spider-Man, one more day comic
When it comes to Peter’s love life, Straczynski put him through the wringer with Mary Jane actually leaving him at one point. It’s been up and down for the couple over the years, but in August’s upcoming arc “One More Day,” things may be permanently resolved.

QUESADA: The question of their marriage is finally going to be answered and I think old-time fans…for those who like the status quo will be pretty happy.



At 11:20 AM, Blogger Justin said...

Maybe I am remembering wrong, but wasn't JMS responsible for getting Peter and MJ back together... not the break up? I know you didn't type it, just my nitpickyness.

Have fun at the movie!


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