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Thursday, May 31

Pass the baton

Getting hot here, over 90 today, making my run very sticky! This weekend "The Fantastic Five", five of us, are running a 5 mile relay. I've always wanted to pass the baton!

I haven't been reading as many comics, because I was deep into the book The Post-Birthday World. It's a 510 pager, with an interesting premise: Irina has a parallel-universe depending on what she does on Ramsey Acton's birthday. (which is my birthday!) I just loved the characters and how the same event is woven into different stories. It just feels honest.

Over the last few weeks, I've been listening to the new They Might Be Giants CD The Else. My allegiance to songs change with many listens, but "Climbing the Walls" builds (and references teeth grinding and losing jobs still in the happy TMBG way), "Careful what you pack" is Giants-emo, could easily be a Death Cab song, and I'm impressed, Take out the Trash, The Cap'm have a rockin base. Spend 9.99 on iTunes for it! Also just got The Cost CD from The Frames.

If you have been a faithful Dan Slott She-Hulk reader, you'll want to see this interview where he discusses the end of his run. So glad Dan has big projects in the pot, because he's a great guy. The joy of She-Hulk has been thin though; the subject matter and the S.H.I.E.L.D agent tie in to the serious storyline from Civil War. I miss the law firm interactions with Pug, and Awesome Andy. One take: It's like he's self-destructing the book before he goes.

Stephen takes on "100 great pages" This is a list of all the posts I've done in my 100 Great Pages series, indexed by title.
An amazing amount of work in each post- try the WE3 post for a sample.



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