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Tuesday, January 23

Hero genre mash-ups

I read Slate most days for political and social content. I was happy to see this frontwebpage article on Comics that reinvent the superhero genre.

Mary Jane's image from Spider-man loves Mary Jane is the cover image, and the list includes some of my fav's from recent years: Love Fights, Living in Infamy, Ex Machina, Astro City, and the evercool SMLMJ. Although McKeever is planning to depart the title also, so a new writer and David Hahn as new artist-- let's hope the new team can carry on at the same level.

Reading the most recent Girls last night gave me the normal eye raising and moments of humor. The cover of issue 24, the series finale is here. Man, will I miss Y and Girls. They have been great reads that I look forward to, and have for years. And 52 at issue 37.

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At 12:37 PM, Blogger ShoreTurtle said...

I saw that on slate too. Very cool.


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