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Thursday, February 9

Spiderwoman, Pirate Thing, Capuchins

"I was waiting for the sun..."

Snow currently falling fast but not sticking yet. Somewhere between 5 and 13 inches to fall by tomorrow here. I think an extra day off for Sunday at the library would let me catch up on DVDs, reading, guitar playing and comics! Let it snow.

Spiderwoman 2 Origin
"The richest people control the power, food, media, all of it, and the innocent people don't even know how they are screwed. We fight back." Jessical falls for Jared, the nice blonde guy at her training facility. She wants to go off on her own mission, and as he leaves Jared kisses her "I'll be back soon" Of course, Jared goes missing, so Jessica gets her first mission to "rescue him and kill Nick Fury." Last page ends with a Spiderwoman split kick "I'm gonna kill you for what you've done!"

The Luna brothers continue to do a very good, if not great job, with this series. I'm intrigued to see where Jessica ends up.

Thing 3- Dan Slott Arcade's Murderland Imagine a crazy upside down theme park, with superhero robots attacking each other and the real Thing. A pirate Thing fights a Clown Hulk! Like one review said, you can't talk about Dan Slott without the word "fun". Mechano is the Strongest! Hulk is the strongest! Puny Banner is the Stongest! Why does Bird Nose hit Hulk? In Murderland Studios favorite horror icons abound-- Freddy, Chucky, Jason all attack Tony Stark. Alicia and Daredevil help arrange a rescue mission, as The Thing fights his way through.

Y The Last Man 42 1000 typewriters "Where are the monkeys?" "Lock damaged in flight, one let the other out..""Are you high? They can't organize fucking prison breaks!" Yorick looks really clean cut and young in the flashback panels to getting his monkey Ampersand. Once the plague hits, he travels to see his science lab buddy...who is dead and decomposing on his couch. Yorick held on to this string of hope, but realizes "I'm alone...I'm all alone"
Dr. Mann discusses her dog with Yorick "But I never mistook his 'loyalty' as anything other than old pack instincts"

BKV continues to weave the Y story towards its conclusion-- in 18 short issues! The cover shows an angry capuchin Ampersand and typewriter keys flying, including the 'Y' key and the 'A" key. Maybe I'll hear more at the NYC comicon from the writer himself.


At 3:10 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Even your winters are sunnier than ours.

At 8:40 AM, Blogger brent d. said...

That's a great pic!! That's what it would look like if you impaled me with a large board.


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