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Saturday, February 4

Political wonkette

A trio of politically themed notes from RF:

Finally saw Good Night and Good Luck. Great film, set in a time when the anchor newsmen smoked on the air and there were cigarette ads. Yet, as you've heard, the Murrow vs. McCarthy fight is timely-- civil liberties, unsubstantiated allegations, reputations, fear, guilt without due process-- Oh, that's surely the past.

I just got the book Dog Days, by Ana Marie Cox. Her website is Wonkette,
politics for people with dirty minds. Two of the male reference librarians think I look a bit like her. She is called the "brilliant political satirist". Can I be the "brilliant comic blogger"?

And, I got tickets to see the Daily Show next month! Stewart, Cordery, moment of Zen-- live!


At 5:44 PM, Blogger Rae said...

I bet the Daily show live would be great!!!


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