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Friday, February 3

Frenching Dracula

February in NJ, and it's 62 and sunny. Keep waiting for the sucker punch of a blizzard, but so far, we've dodged that for months.

Quotable comics I've recently read...

Birds of Prey 90: Head Shots
"You heard me Oracle. Huntresses operation- Shut it down." -Batman
"Huntress shows why you don't mess with Italian girls"
"I said your first words would be 'This is my town'. He's definitely mellowing."- Huntress and Black Canary
"What it was like [to kiss Batman]? A bit like frenching Dracula, only with less saliva. No, honest, it was..kinda hot." - Canary

Catwoman 51
"I had quite a talk with your co-worker last night. The one in the top hat? She showed me what they did to me." -Selena
"She's a remix. A revision. She's not real. I wish she were. I liked her....But I'm not her."
"Take off the mask and he's like any other guy. He sees a problem and he wants to solve it. Trouble is, that's not what I need right now."

Walking Dead 25
"Get the generator going. Listen to music- man, it's been so long since I heard anything."
"You think Maggie would still respect me if she knew how good I was at sucking gas through a hose?"
"It's a helicopter!"

Desolation Jones 5
"Please, I just want a drink.
Your body has been sold to medical science- while your still alive."
"Taking a shot at killing me over a reel of Hitler's porn. Christ."
"Your the third daughter. You're the bad girl."


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