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Thursday, June 25

Wrap up Wizard Philly

The last of my Wizard World Philly posts. All in all, still a fun con with dealers, indie artists, and some good programs. Less wrestlers, bad video game tournaments, and parking scams would improve the show. I feel a single day covered it fine for me, as opposed to the must weekend of New York Comicon.

Wolverine and brother Sabretooth
Geek Boy Press art and T-shirts (new Torchwood shirt is mine!)


Other highlights---
After he called out "redhead fangirl" I hugged Dan Slott (Marvel) outside Dark Reign panel.

Geek Boy Press: bought Torchwood Tshirt

Saw in Artist alley: Dave Perillo, Scott Derby, Tom Whalen, Michael Parla, Tom Schloendorn- indie artists and friends of MidJersey Comicon

Friend RJ, Stormtrooper in the 501st working outside door. Always fun to try to have a discussion through those masks.

met Jill from The Nerdy Bird on her way to the Battlestar Galactica panel

bought a sketch from indie artist K-bo-- redhead anime character

bought a Hero Initiative pin to support them.

WWP09 discussion on the blogosphere:
The Nerdy Bird WWP09 coverage

Syndicate Product


Tuesday, June 23

DC Nation notes

Wizard World Philadelphia
4PM DC Nation panel
Dan DiDio, Adam S, Bob Wayne, Shane Davis, Rags Morales, Franco.

Dan Didio proclaimed it was an "interesting year" at DC comics, and told us that they listened to our comments about late books.

No one in the crowd was angry about Dick Grayson becoming Batman in Battle for the Cowl-- although a few people really did not like that series! Ray- who is married to a librarian- got a lot of attention for discussing titles he didn't like. Didio joked about editorial mandate' "so if it sucks, it's me!"

A girl dressed as Robin said that Jason Todd wasn't 'that crazy'.

Bob Wayne and he joked and deflected at least 3 comments about price, the recession, and the comic fans wallets.

Wednesday comics
bring back the Sunday comics. A retailer read it and thought the high level of art and writing would draw people to buy.

Potential for two Flash books in future, one is called Flash, what about the other?
"he is fast enough to be in two books" Shane Davis said

Any plans to accelerate trades for fans to read the stories instead of buying comics? Bob Wayne, no...we are not putting out 40 comics a week like our competitor

What was the point of Trinity?See value of the 3 and effects of them

Multiverse stories? That's for Grant to write- has to be a big and right story

Doc Savage- Rags reimagining with Azzarello. not in DCU-- ultimate universe.

Batman and Robin 12 issue arc Phillip Tan on art 4-6 issues after Quitely

Only 3 books late in the last 3 months (only took them 10 years grumbled the guy in front of me)

Sam Keith working on Lobo series now

Magog #1 series

Other sites opinions:
Tweets about #wwp, some with photo and URL links

Glenn Walker- mentions friend Ray re: Battle for the Cowl comments

WWP DC Nation panel from CBR

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Monday, June 22

Hellblazin' Preachin' Punishin' Garth Ennis

Wizard World Philadelphia 2009
3 PM Ennis/Dillion retrospective

Steve Dillion, me, Garth Ennis

Known each other for 20 years, 11 years difference from when Ennis was 11, Dillion on 2000 AD.

Hellblazer, Preacher, Punisher

"always trusted each other"
Chat about Preacher in an after Pub sort of way, Dillon had to commit to 5 years of it. "telepathic" know what E is after
Wanted it to be more like a Sandman story, but then the characters took over. American story, southern gothic esp. after meeting Jessy's horrible family. Could always count on Tulip as a character, and for Starr to be appalling. Covers the myths of America.

Vertigo GN next two years...200-250 page every day life

Many questions were fielded, but they had yet to talk about The Boys, so I asked about what was the future..and if Garth Ennis was Wee Hughie, because they have the same hairline...
that got a little laugh. He went on to talk about some Scottish character who sat on a bucket, and how Wee Hughie is like Simon Pegg (which I had also thought).

The three issues the Payback team go after The Boys. #2 Superteam in the world, so real competition here. Also a 2 part series with Frenchie and the Female having an issue each. Butcher also finds out about Wee Hughie and Annie...

Frankie the Eunich in Preacher is like Jimmy Palmiotti, who is not a eunich.

On Punisher, Quesada and Palmiotti wanted them to work on it as a team

Superheroes have to be given dignity, Ennis did not grow up reading them as a kid so he can't suspend disbelief as an adult.

Thinks Green Lantern is the strangest--oh, I have this ring, a nuclear weapon--

Hates when superheroes fight in real life wars. Really hated the scene in Iron Man when he only killed terrorists and not civilians; UK and American troops dying in difficult real life situations where they have to kill, and civilians do die.

Garth Ennis signing

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Sunday, June 21

Emma was Anya

Wizard World Philadelphia panel with Emma Caufield 6/20/09.

2PM Emma Caufield Q&A.
After Emma was introduced, she was all alone on the panel. There was no moderator, and she didn't have any prepared remarks. She's very blonde, and extremely skinny. Actress skinny. But also smart and interesting.

My flip video had low batteries, but managed a few clips.

She discusses 2 new films (Timer was just at Tribeca)and Why am I doing this?

She is also writing 2 screenplays (comedies with edge).

You get spoiled working with Joss.

Darkness Falls- cried in bathroom after viewing, thought it was not the movie she shot, and that she'd never work again.

Webcomic maybe by August called 'contrapussy'--

Super fun to work on Buffy Musical. Infused them with new life. They also got to spend 5 weeks on it rather than 8 days.
Her favorite eps are Spike's origin story, Hush and Selfless.
Asked to be killed off, but didn't expect the end to be so abrupt. Laughed about how she thought she would get a slow motion montage..

Webisodes of Bandwagon may happen-- 2 seasons worth in 3 min clips. Emma plays an awful version of herself and helps a struggling actress...who may or may not be retarded.

imdb Emma Caufield

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Philly and the Wiz

A several part series of the Saturday of 2009's Wizard World Philadelphia comicon.

Phillygirl and I arrived just after 9 to the Philly convention center, on a rainy morning. We got to wait outside the building but protected from rain until the doors opened at 10 AM. New this year: wristbands instead of badges. Thought it was cheapness, but hear it's because of bootleg badges past years.

First entering, I noticed the lack of the big Marvel and DC Booths. No free pins, posters, and signing schedules. I usually spend a lot of time checking the DC booth and meeting artists/writers, so that was a big change for me.

However, we were looking at the World War Z books and there was Max Brooks! I asked about 5 questions and he was chewing...but turned out to be so smart, funny and nice. When I said that as a librarian, I'd be useless after the zombie invasion, he said "we have a military to protect people like you!". He said the Zombie Survival Guide comic should be out this October.

We went to the 5-6 PM "Writing the Undead" panel with Max, Fred Van Lente, and John Russo I'll discuss later.

One other great thing about not having a mass of crowds is you get more facetime with bigger names. We met J.G. Jones (52 cover artist). He said he's writing and drawing a graphic novel...and he signed my two Batwoman 52 covers. He did say he had "moved on" from the canned All Star Batgirl project. boo. But nice guy all around.

PhillyGirl at the Wizard booth:

Much more later...

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Saturday, June 20

j.g. jones signed my 52 batwoman.

Friday, June 19

The Wiz 2009

PhillyGirl and I will be at Wizard World Philly all day Saturday. If you see us come say Hi! I am most excited to see Emma Caulfield (Anya on Buffy), Garth Ennis (who I've heard speak but hope to meet this time, The Boys and Preacher in hands), Max Brooks presentation on zombies, Tiny Titans artists/writer, Sean McKeever, Rags Morales...and any MidJersey Comicon artists and dealers I know.

Eating at Reading Terminal Market is always good too.

Should Twitter some, and send some photos from the floor here!


Friday, June 12

"saving means changing"

Battle for the Cowl, a good and serviceable connection to the Bat Family, but leaving me still unsure about what happened to Jason Todd? and Dick Grayson becomes Batman? Aslso, probably just me, but I haven't really read much with Damian, Bruce's son. Coming up to speed on the four Robins was enough to juggle here.

Tony Daniel, Sandu Florea

Penguin and Two-Face..need Gotham to function in order to sustain themselves. This is something else. Someone else.

Nightwing: Tim went off on his own and did what I refused to do-- take the mantle of the Bat...I refused to take the role of my mentor because that what he asked me to do.
He said he had enough faith in Nightwing and Robin to carry the torch. But Bruce underestimated the psychological effect that Batman had on Gotham.

Vicki Vale: You just compared Batman to God...
Batman Jones: Isn't it that clear that Batman isn't just a man? He's fear, he's consequence, he's retribution..."

Nightwing: Jason, you may be a killer...but you're not stupid.

Bruce's last will and testament didn't go over well with Jason. This is the only way he thinks he can heal.

But Black Mask is dead. Catwoman made sure of that...So if Black Mask is dead, then who's behind the mask?

If only Jason could have reached out..Some people don't want to be saved. Because saving means changing.

Newsarama BftC 3

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Thursday, June 11

darkplace, fangs

After reading the Stitches graphic novel, I have not read a single comic this week. I need to make a pickup from the last few weeks, but don't expect to have more than 10 waiting. Maybe this weekend.

The rain and humidity here are just week long depressing. (along with other events).

I am reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. so far can recommend to the horror/thriller crowd. About Libby Day, sole survivor of her family murdered by her brother Ben. But she's not all that likeable, and much more authentic that way.
Also reading Nice girls don't have fangs, a paranormal romance. The cover says "she's a librarian with a really long shelf life". It's funny but outside my range, don't read romance.


Monday, June 8


David Small

A very in-demand book at BEA-- and not just as a hot graphic novel--was David Small's graphic memoir Stitches. I grabbed an ARC copy, but did not meet the author.

Do you like Fun Home? or Blankets? or Tonoharu? This is one of the best graphic memoirs I've ever read. His black and white watercolors portray a family in 1950's Detroit -- radiologist father uses Xrays to cure sinus problems on David-- brother escapes to his drum set-- and his unhappy and judgement mother rules the roost.

Yet it's another art as redemption novel too. David always draws his own world and eventually grows into praise for his work.

The back cover says the release date is September 2009, and I am quite sure it will be on all the Top GN of 2009 list. Look for it!


Thursday, June 4

Library sales up, manga drops

What this librarian & comic fangirl found interesting:

Icv2, #65, July 2009

  • In spite of horrendous contraction in the US Economy, Graphic Novel sales up in 2008: 5% increase in book and comic stores.

  • GN sales faster in bookstores than in comic shops

  • 900,000 copies printed of Watchmen- broke all modern sales records

  • GN for kids and tweens, saw a 134% increase in titles

  • Library sales from $30 million to $35 million in 2008...this growth should continue in 2009.

  • Manga sales declined- down 17%. Small manga publishers went out of business. Some properties like Vampire Knight no exposure on Cartoon Network.

Watchmen directors cut July 21st!

Final Fruits Basket vol 23 July 2009

Vertigo Crime imprint:
Entries, Ian Rankin comic book featuring Constantine from Hellblazer: August 25
Filthy Rich, Brian Azzarello: also August 25

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