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Wednesday, February 25

social crutch New Jersey

Two videos of my favorite local rock band, the Dipsomaniacs playing at the Record Collector in Bordentown, NJ.

DIPSOMANIACS – Social Crutch (FDRlabel. com)
If you connect the dots from the Replacements through the Smithereens through Fountains of Wayne, the other end of that line would eventually intersect South Jersey garage-rockers Dipsomaniacs. Like the ‘Mats, they’ll occasionally crank out an affecting youth anthem that cuts to the core of what being young is all about (“Kids On Base,”) but more often than not, they’ll pen some witty pop ditty with big Nick Lowe-ish power-pop chords built around a groan-inducing pun (“Oh Jose.”) (Hey, that’s okay, I like punks.) There’s almost one good ol’ alt-country twang’er about getting drunk (“Blame It On The Gin,”) and every Dipsomaniacs album comes with its complement of irresistible pop tunes that, in a better world, we’d hear on the radio every ten minutes (“Together We Can Rule The World,” “Halo Around You.”) So you could say that Social Crutch perfectly follows the Dipsomaniacs’ formula, in that the album serves up impeccable pop songcraft with top-notch musicianship, viral melodies, and a wicked sense of humor. In fact, they can keep repeating themselves until hell freezes over as far as I’m concerned. – Jim Testa


Tuesday, February 24

Oeming crime story

Although he left us in Jersey for the west coast, Mike Oeming has a cool contest..

Monday, Feb 23rd will go live, featuring blog style updates full of news and daily sketches, art galleries, links to the massive Powers, and Mice Templar sites and message boards. Lots of updates and interviews about RAPTURE, a six issue mini series from Dark Horse with wife Taki Soma will also be featured.

To celebrate, Mike is running a contest- Post your true life crime story (200 words or less) on the True Life Crime Story Contest thread on his message board here-

It could be a crime story you witnessed or took part in, be it perpetrator or victim! The winner's story will be published on the website and the winner will receive this piece of art from Powers Volume 3.

Entry deadline is March 15th. By posting your story in this thread, you are giving permission for me to use it here and elsewhere on


Saturday, February 21

outside the gates

Entrance to the NY Comiccon February 2009
(BTW, only a handful more of these videos to share. Love that new Flip camera)


Friday, February 20


I got my Entertainment Weekly today... I got the Comedian cover.

Chris Giarusso's Mini Watchmen

Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons here:

Mera! I'll bet Rob at the Aquaman Shrine likes this.
DC Universe Women: Mera

2 minutes from the Vertigo panel, with G. Willow Wilson on Air.

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Wednesday, February 18

Got my pile

Have a pile of comics to read: Echo 9, Fringe 2, Air 6, Secret Six 6, House of Mystery 10,Buffy 20, Jack of Fables 30.

I did read the always entertaining Tiny Titans 12

I also picked up the 3rd printing of the Amazing Spider-Man 583 with the Obama secret invasion cover.

And I have 3 titles that fall into the Faces of Evil from DC...Justice League 29, Justice Society 23, and Birds of Prey 126 (the next to last issue).

Continuing video of the Torchwood panel from NY comiccon, wow almost 2 weeks ago now.

Monday, February 16

Gwen and Rhys

Another piece of the Torchwood panel...Rhys and more.

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Saturday, February 14

Torchwood- Eros, Eve panel

Happy Valentines Day people! I had a good one- saw an Ellis Paul show.

Still more to share from last week's New York Comiccon. Two videos from the Torchwood panel. I have others but they take time to process and add to You Tube.

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Friday, February 13

Mini Jean

My Sketch from Chris Giarruso, artist of Mini Marvels. Mini Jean Grey, Dark Phoenix! He also signed my first Mini Marvels collection, and Saturday had the MM Secret Invasion which I also bought.

Hulk no have jokes! Hulk no Bill Cosby!

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Tuesday, February 10

from Riddler to Ugly Dolls

Ugly dolls booth

Writer Sean McKeever, currently on Teen Titans, Terra Titans, Titans. I loved his work on SM loves MJ and Birds of Prey.

One of the many Rorscachs on the floor

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Doctors, Iron Man, Green Arrow, Jay and Silent Bob

All photos from the floor of the
New York Comiccon 2009

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Monday, February 9

giving you Vertigo

Vertigo panel 2/6/09
New monthlies (floppies), some for $1 to start, new graphic novels...

Mike Carey- The Unwritten Lucifer team, in May, $1 for 32 issues

Hellblazer- Peter Milligan came out a few weeks ago
Daytripper- Moon and Ba, Brazil, struggle between fathers and sons

Unknown Soldier- 7th issue, new arc, good place to pick up, trade in summer

DMZ- Zee one shot

The Nobody- May- invisible man updated in a small Maine fishing village

Air- issue7- why Blythe in Zahns body

Bang/Tango- lobster gave up life of hitman to tango

100 Bullets- normal funny but crochety Brian Azzarello would reveal nothing about the last issues "you'll get 99 and like it" Thoughts on 100 Bullets "It's done. Thanks"

Gone to Amerikay- original GN, Colleen Doran on art
Irish immigrants turn of 2 centuries
House of Mystery 13- 4 stories, each drawn by diff artists- Neil Adams, Aragones, I didn't catch

Madame Xanadu- 1945 #11-15 designing her lair

Seaguy- Morrison, 3 different versions?

Cuba: One Story- Dean Haspiel GN, fiction memoir, very personal collaboration, out next year How to Understand Israel in 60 days of Less- GN Sara Glidden popular mini comic artist about her trip and prep for Israel, next year or so out

Luna Park GN coney island

Greek Street- Milligan, greek mythology tied into Greek Street London starring Eddie
$1 for oversized issue
Fables prose book

Absolute V and Death

Jack of Fables and Fables- crossing into each others books, Jack Frost, Jack babysits Bigby and Snow Whites cubs

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New York Comiccon photos from the floor

MK Perker and G.Willow Wilson- Air (Vertigo)

Jimmy Palmiotti- Back to Brooklyn (Amanda Connor too)

Three librarians- Ty, Dave, me and Phillygirl

Melanie and The Comedian

me and artist Brian Bolland (The Killing Joke and much more)

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Sunday, February 8

out of the rift - Torchwood panel

Torchwood panel 2/7/09 New York Comicon

Torchwood: Children of the Earth trailer

Eve was just humble, sweet, funny and smart-- and laughed and enjoyed the Americans and our support for the show. and the wacky questions!

I have some video clips from the Flip I'll post...sure there are much better ones out there.

My disjointed notes from the Panel:
Five episode series all with one story. Three Torchwooders left: Capt. Jack, Gwen and Ionto, and with Rhys helping out more.

Five episodes
end of year no date yet for BBC America
Children of the Earth
build grander
"you'll be holding on to the seat"

Jack, Gwen, Ionto "get stronger, more powerful, have to work together"
Three makes it easier to direct
Have a lot of fun on set and pranks "John farts alot"
Weevil is on vacation "odd to drink a cup of tea with the weevil", he is very friendly
New York is cheeky
Everything you love double time
prove themselves to be heroes
do you kiss anyone other than Rhys "do you mean human?"
Anyone Jack doesn't kiss "no, tables and chairs now"
Seeing hard work people put in to create Hub
Proudest Welshwoman in world
Favorite foe is the weevil, and the blowfish
working in Merlin - 6 hrs of prosthetic makeup, 2 parts, got to film in Paris in extraordinary castle
Gwen in shock for most of season 1, thats why affair with Owen, in a hothouse and confused
she has a responsiblity for mankind, protector and warrior


Watching Watchmen and the DCU

Warner Brothers: Watchmen, Friday the 13th and Terminator: Salvation panel

Got in line after 9 AM right away at the IGN to secure a seat for the 11 AM panel. Line was shorter than I thought (not like the huge lines later for UP the Pixar film).

More thoughts on the Watchmen 18 plus minutes later. I would have loved to hear some of the cast speak, or Zach Snyder, but having creator Dave Gibbons talk about creating Watchmen, working with Alan Moore, and how he has come to VIP status with the movie-- even better. I get gaga for celebrity too, but isn't it great that an artist gets to speak to thousands about his work?

(Dave Gibbons) The legendary artist earned big laughs from the audience when a fan tiptoed around a question about Alan Moore and whether he’s as intimidating as his appearance implies. “Are you asking me if Alan Moore is bat-shit crazy?” Gibbons playfully replied.

On to the audience Q & A. The first question, predictably, was about the change to the ending. Gibbons stated the finish of the story remains the same but the McGuffin; the plot device (in this case, the Squid) has been changed. He also said the reality of adapting a comic book to the screen means there have to be some changes made to the story for it to make cinematic sense.

Saturday: DC Universe panel
Phillygirl and I sat way in the back, just running in late to get a seat for the Torchwood panel to follow. I feel much more disconnect from the DCU then a few years ago...hearing Didio go on about Blackest Night and the Final Crisis Aftermath...I'm just not part of it. I read JLA and JSA, and really gave Trinity a run for it with 18 issues. I respect the creators, am looking forward to trying uber awesome Ethan Van Sciver and Geoff Johns for Flash: Rebirth. But Dan saying how 2009 would be the best, and focus on the main heart of the DCU characters-- it seemed a little desperate. A little sweat stain under the arm with the recent Marvel domination I suppose.

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Con fab

Phillygirl and I are recovering today, back from a great few days at the New York Comiccon. My fourth con, and still excellent.

Friday, Phillygirl (NY Con report here) and I got in on Professional badges at 10 AM--along with new "con"vert Dave-- so glad we get those few hours before the public comes in. You don't get jarred and pushed and can have conversations.

Days began with bfast at the Tick Tock Diner...Later I will share photos and even some video from the Torchwood Panel.

Big highlights I'll write in more detail:
Watchmen-- Dave Gibbons discussing and the first 18 minutes of the film, and one extra scene
Friday the 13th- producers and new Jason and star from Supernatural there
Terminator Salvation- rough cuts

Torchwood Panel with Eve Myles

Meeting Brian Bolland, Terry Moore, Sean McKeever, Chris Giarusso, Craig Rousseau, G. Willow Wilson, M.K. Perker, more

Seeing rab from Estoreal and meeting Rob from the Aquaman Shrine

Buying a Ten Bills shirt and talking about Michael Kenneth Williams (Omar on The Wire)

Much more later today and this week...its a beautiful day and I want to get out in it.


Saturday, February 7

darwyn cooke hero print

Friday, February 6

air wilson and perker

brian bolland

Thursday, February 5


Tuesday, February 3

New York and the Road Crew

2 days until I head to NY for the Comiccon. Still hearing late breaking adds-- Terry Moore will be there now. And Joshua Jackson, but on Sunday when I'm not attending. I'm sort of ticked that Sunday is now the TV day, when Saturday was always the big bash. But oh well...still lots of comic writers and artists and panels to attend without a lot of TV or movie stars.


Check this comic out by...Tommie Kelly, an Irish writer/artist/creator of a webcomic called Road Crew. "It's a funny look at the life of the guys behind the scenes of a touring Rock Band. It has been online since early last year and updates five times a week. So far there are over 170 strips on line."