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Tuesday, February 3

New York and the Road Crew

2 days until I head to NY for the Comiccon. Still hearing late breaking adds-- Terry Moore will be there now. And Joshua Jackson, but on Sunday when I'm not attending. I'm sort of ticked that Sunday is now the TV day, when Saturday was always the big bash. But oh well...still lots of comic writers and artists and panels to attend without a lot of TV or movie stars.


Check this comic out by...Tommie Kelly, an Irish writer/artist/creator of a webcomic called Road Crew. "It's a funny look at the life of the guys behind the scenes of a touring Rock Band. It has been online since early last year and updates five times a week. So far there are over 170 strips on line."


At 8:58 AM, Blogger David said...

Yes indeed! The NYCC 2009 guest, panel an screening schedule is really amazing. There are so many things going on that it is going to be difficult to select what to attend!


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