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Sunday, February 8

Con fab

Phillygirl and I are recovering today, back from a great few days at the New York Comiccon. My fourth con, and still excellent.

Friday, Phillygirl (NY Con report here) and I got in on Professional badges at 10 AM--along with new "con"vert Dave-- so glad we get those few hours before the public comes in. You don't get jarred and pushed and can have conversations.

Days began with bfast at the Tick Tock Diner...Later I will share photos and even some video from the Torchwood Panel.

Big highlights I'll write in more detail:
Watchmen-- Dave Gibbons discussing and the first 18 minutes of the film, and one extra scene
Friday the 13th- producers and new Jason and star from Supernatural there
Terminator Salvation- rough cuts

Torchwood Panel with Eve Myles

Meeting Brian Bolland, Terry Moore, Sean McKeever, Chris Giarusso, Craig Rousseau, G. Willow Wilson, M.K. Perker, more

Seeing rab from Estoreal and meeting Rob from the Aquaman Shrine

Buying a Ten Bills shirt and talking about Michael Kenneth Williams (Omar on The Wire)

Much more later today and this week...its a beautiful day and I want to get out in it.



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