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Monday, February 9

giving you Vertigo

Vertigo panel 2/6/09
New monthlies (floppies), some for $1 to start, new graphic novels...

Mike Carey- The Unwritten Lucifer team, in May, $1 for 32 issues

Hellblazer- Peter Milligan came out a few weeks ago
Daytripper- Moon and Ba, Brazil, struggle between fathers and sons

Unknown Soldier- 7th issue, new arc, good place to pick up, trade in summer

DMZ- Zee one shot

The Nobody- May- invisible man updated in a small Maine fishing village

Air- issue7- why Blythe in Zahns body

Bang/Tango- lobster gave up life of hitman to tango

100 Bullets- normal funny but crochety Brian Azzarello would reveal nothing about the last issues "you'll get 99 and like it" Thoughts on 100 Bullets "It's done. Thanks"

Gone to Amerikay- original GN, Colleen Doran on art
Irish immigrants turn of 2 centuries
House of Mystery 13- 4 stories, each drawn by diff artists- Neil Adams, Aragones, I didn't catch

Madame Xanadu- 1945 #11-15 designing her lair

Seaguy- Morrison, 3 different versions?

Cuba: One Story- Dean Haspiel GN, fiction memoir, very personal collaboration, out next year How to Understand Israel in 60 days of Less- GN Sara Glidden popular mini comic artist about her trip and prep for Israel, next year or so out

Luna Park GN coney island

Greek Street- Milligan, greek mythology tied into Greek Street London starring Eddie
$1 for oversized issue
Fables prose book

Absolute V and Death

Jack of Fables and Fables- crossing into each others books, Jack Frost, Jack babysits Bigby and Snow Whites cubs

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