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Tuesday, February 10

from Riddler to Ugly Dolls

Ugly dolls booth

Writer Sean McKeever, currently on Teen Titans, Terra Titans, Titans. I loved his work on SM loves MJ and Birds of Prey.

One of the many Rorscachs on the floor

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At 10:42 PM, Blogger RAB said...

The multiple Rorschachs at the convention remind me of those cases where mental hospitals have multiple patients who think they're Jesus or Mary or Napoleon and the doctors put them all in the same room to argue it out. (In fact, there's a book called The Three Christs of Ypsilanti about precisely that.) It'd be especially funny to have three Rorschachs argue it out because a) he knows a little something about psychiatric testing and b) his whole thing is never compromising, never bending. "Hurm. I am Rorschach, you are deluded psychopath." "Hurm. No, you are the psychopath." "Hurm." Whereas three Doctor Manhattans would see nothing unusual about it.

And if there were three Redhead Fangirls...the entire comics world would celebrate! :-)


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