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Sunday, February 8

Watching Watchmen and the DCU

Warner Brothers: Watchmen, Friday the 13th and Terminator: Salvation panel

Got in line after 9 AM right away at the IGN to secure a seat for the 11 AM panel. Line was shorter than I thought (not like the huge lines later for UP the Pixar film).

More thoughts on the Watchmen 18 plus minutes later. I would have loved to hear some of the cast speak, or Zach Snyder, but having creator Dave Gibbons talk about creating Watchmen, working with Alan Moore, and how he has come to VIP status with the movie-- even better. I get gaga for celebrity too, but isn't it great that an artist gets to speak to thousands about his work?

(Dave Gibbons) The legendary artist earned big laughs from the audience when a fan tiptoed around a question about Alan Moore and whether he’s as intimidating as his appearance implies. “Are you asking me if Alan Moore is bat-shit crazy?” Gibbons playfully replied.

On to the audience Q & A. The first question, predictably, was about the change to the ending. Gibbons stated the finish of the story remains the same but the McGuffin; the plot device (in this case, the Squid) has been changed. He also said the reality of adapting a comic book to the screen means there have to be some changes made to the story for it to make cinematic sense.

Saturday: DC Universe panel
Phillygirl and I sat way in the back, just running in late to get a seat for the Torchwood panel to follow. I feel much more disconnect from the DCU then a few years ago...hearing Didio go on about Blackest Night and the Final Crisis Aftermath...I'm just not part of it. I read JLA and JSA, and really gave Trinity a run for it with 18 issues. I respect the creators, am looking forward to trying uber awesome Ethan Van Sciver and Geoff Johns for Flash: Rebirth. But Dan saying how 2009 would be the best, and focus on the main heart of the DCU characters-- it seemed a little desperate. A little sweat stain under the arm with the recent Marvel domination I suppose.

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At 6:02 AM, OpenID phillygirl2873 said...

It was so much fun. I enjoying "conning" with you, even if I'm not a librarian.

At 1:41 PM, Blogger RAB said...

I was sorry to miss that Watchmen panel but fortunately there was another on Sunday, this one featuring both Gibbons and a fellow named Clay Enos, the official set photographer who's released a book called Watchmen: Portraits full of pictures he took during filming. I would otherwise have assumed this would be a boring coffee table volume...but I have to admit he made it seem a lot more interesting, and both guys had some very entertaining things to say.

And of course, running into you was, as always, one of the highlights of the con!

(Phillygirl, I'm sorry I didn't have the chance to see you as well...but we'll all be there next time, right?)


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