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Sunday, February 8

out of the rift - Torchwood panel

Torchwood panel 2/7/09 New York Comicon

Torchwood: Children of the Earth trailer

Eve was just humble, sweet, funny and smart-- and laughed and enjoyed the Americans and our support for the show. and the wacky questions!

I have some video clips from the Flip I'll post...sure there are much better ones out there.

My disjointed notes from the Panel:
Five episode series all with one story. Three Torchwooders left: Capt. Jack, Gwen and Ionto, and with Rhys helping out more.

Five episodes
end of year no date yet for BBC America
Children of the Earth
build grander
"you'll be holding on to the seat"

Jack, Gwen, Ionto "get stronger, more powerful, have to work together"
Three makes it easier to direct
Have a lot of fun on set and pranks "John farts alot"
Weevil is on vacation "odd to drink a cup of tea with the weevil", he is very friendly
New York is cheeky
Everything you love double time
prove themselves to be heroes
do you kiss anyone other than Rhys "do you mean human?"
Anyone Jack doesn't kiss "no, tables and chairs now"
Seeing hard work people put in to create Hub
Proudest Welshwoman in world
Favorite foe is the weevil, and the blowfish
working in Merlin - 6 hrs of prosthetic makeup, 2 parts, got to film in Paris in extraordinary castle
Gwen in shock for most of season 1, thats why affair with Owen, in a hothouse and confused
she has a responsiblity for mankind, protector and warrior



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