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Wednesday, July 30

Librarians stock comics article

Librarians Harvest New Manga Titles At Comic-Con
Are the shelves at your local library looking more colorful these days? Chalk it up to all the comic books — and the librarians who love them.

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Monday, July 28

8 of 52 issues

(Trinity 9 out this week)

I read some comics on the train to NY, where Shoreturtle ran an amazing 1/2 marathon!
It was so cool to see him run through Times Square, only a block from our sweet hotel, The Muse.
Run Photos of Central Park, Times Square, and West Side Hwy to Battery Park. Then visitor L from VA came up last night for some food, talk, and Wii carnival games.

I've been sort of wishy-washy on Trinity, but read 6- Trinity 8 together-- maybe the way to read them is to bunch a few together instead of the weekly taste. Busiak adds a lot more than just the normal wallop punch, including thoughts on the nature of the three: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman. What do people think of them? Their relationship to each other? And the tarot card reader, Morgaine, and Enigma stories are starting to gel. Guess I'll keep buying.

DMZ 31 is part 3 of the Blood in the Game storyline. Democratic elections in the DMZ, interference and murder from Trustwell Corporation..a highly charged time as election day comes around.

Justice Society 17 contains a cute scene with redhead Maxine, and a monkey. It continues the Gog storyline. Sadly, I've never read Kingdom Come so I'm outside this one a bit.

Reading Fables 9: Sons of Empire, the last trade the library owns until 10, The Good Prince arrives.

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Saturday, July 26

Thursday, July 24

This week

What have I been doing this week? Working, taking spin class, watching SYTYCD, Project Runway, doing WiiFit, getting in my pool, and reading a book called Beautiful Boy. (I always read addiction books)
Did pick up a stack of books from Comic Lair to read soon, including the new Hellcat and Penguin #1.

Mice Templar a cartoon series!
Mike Oeming and Bryan Glass series gets animated...good for them! Both were guests at the last MidJersey Comicon.

The Exterminators - Vertigo title- on Showtime

Torchwood Season 3 is a go! Will it still have Captain Jack, Ionto and Gwen? The loss of Owen and Tosh were very devastating to the team this year.

Doctor Who Comicon panel

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Monday, July 21

Dark Knight, White Knight and the Joker

After being in the theatre about 1 hr and 20 mins longer because some projectionist tool dropped the reel (go digital damn it! The reel got screwed up in last summers Spidey 3 also)- the Dark Knight returned. I really enjoyed the moral questions posed by the Joker, and Two Face, and Batman. The steadiness of Gary Oldham as Jim Gordon, Maggie's strong turn as Rachel, and loved the Cillian cameo as Scarecrow!

Heath was a great Joker, wallowing in madness and violence, but not just a bruiser. I didn't love the Two-Face skull burned off look, but thought Eckhart's part was important to show how Batman wanted to hand off the reins. I've been a big fan of director Christopher Nolan since Memento, and think he pushed a great cast here.

And the Watchmen extended preview was groovy!

Saw Mamma Mia with J, my chiquitita and enjoyed that in a singing, dancing, laughing way.

Some articles that interested me recently--
Watchmen motion comic (think of it as a graphic novel treated to the Ken Burns effect, with bits of animation added in, and a voice over to top it all off.)

YACB looks forward to is the King-Size Spider-Man Summer Special, by the Banana Sunday team of Paul Tobin & Colleen Coover...and makes me interested in it too!

Could Comic-Con leave San Diego? as the event has exploded in popularity over the past decade, organizers have found it increasingly hard to ignore the logistical limitations presented by wrangling more than 125,000 attendees into the San Diego Convention Center, where the show is booked through 2012.


Friday, July 18

The Dark Knight day

Going to see The Dark Knight this afternoon. Interested in seeing how they approach Harvey Dent (will there be any references to the number 2, the abusive childhood, the psychological problems? Will he begin at Batman and Comm. Gordon's ally?).

Of course, the Heath Ledger Joker is something to see. I hear non-comic people say things about how it's not the Jack Nicholson Joker, and I think about how he did a good but exaggerated job, but the psychotic Joker Heath seems to take on matches the modern comic Joker.

And Christian Bale is always sweet.

Shoreturtle and I have seen 3 movies this summer- Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and now DK-- all comic based!


Wednesday, July 16

In Bloom

X Saves the World
by Jeff Gordinier
Amazon reviews
"Nostalgia for the attitudes and culture of the early to mid-'90s looms large in Gordinier's entertaining book-length argument for the greatness of Generation X. Gordinier does not have warm sentiments toward the baby boomers or the current wanna-wanna generation of celebrity worshippers, preferring instead the self-effacing, conflictedly ambitious heroes of the '90s"

A must read for any of us Gen Xers- those of us caught between the we're so important- sucking up all the social security and not retiring Boomers AND the look at me- text- The Hills- pop sugar- I'm so special! Millenials. Google, You Tube, Myspace and more all created by Gen Xers - dismantling the corporate feed to something more democratic for all.

I'm almost finished this book, and Jeff Gordinier weaves the music, movies, and pop culture moments that defined us - some quotes of passages that struck me-

(the last generation to care- or so it seems- about the culture part of the term pop culture)

You watched certain TV programs on certain nights. You listened to the radio. You saw movies in a movie theatre. You rented a video at the store....looking back now, the environment that Gen X came of age seems as distant and cornball as the snow-globey images of the nineteenth century...

Xers bristle when they're told how to vote, how to behave, what to listen to, how to squander their time. They recoil at the presumption that this is how things are done or, even worse, this is what you are supposed to think.

Millenials are a sharp break from GX- care about belonging, the group, networked, unfamiliar with the notion of privacy. Solitude made them...uncomfortable. To be private was not to belong.

In other reading news, I just finished Madame Xanadu 1. The art is by the still too rare female artist, Art and cover by Amy Reeder Hadley. It is very attractive art, but the story may be too mystic for me to continue with.

Up to Fables 7: Arabian Nights and Days. Vol. 6 was the big reveal of The Adversary-- although long ago I saw this in Wizard, dang spoiled.


Sunday, July 13

Fabletown nights

Having a productive and good weekend, just in from the pool and reading comics in the beach chair by it.

Shoreturtle and mom put in to buy me a new car stereo for the Scion-- the CD hasn't worked, so I've been OK with XM-- but now I can rock the XM, stereo, and my Ipod! And I went to REI to use a bday gift certificate today.

Thanks to phillygirl, who brought a stack about 2 feet high of graphic novels, from Fables trades 2-7 and lots of different Ennis written GNs.

So far, I'm up to Fables, vol. 6, reading about one a night. I loved Vol. 2, Animal Farm-- Goldilocks is a militant and sleeping with the son Bear! The contrast of Fabletown and the upstate Farm, with Rose Red (of course I like her) at the center of it. These make me search my memory for what I know of Bluebeard, Little Boy Blue, Snow White...

3, Storybook Love built on the Prince Charming for mayor story, with Bluebeard and Goldilocks twisting the tale. 4, March of the Wooden Soldiers led to the big fight with the Wooden Matrix-like agents sent by The Adversary to take Fabletown. Snow White led the troops excellently, even in her pregnant state. And 5, the Mean Seasons was more about the 6 (7!) cubs of Snow White and Bigby-- floating in the air at the Fable Farm.

It's kind of strange blowing through the trades-- it's fun to gobble up the stories, and not forget from floppy issue to issue what happened. And this will put me up to issue 47, so I had bought them at $3 a pop, that's $150 I didn't spend. (not that I spent it anyway).

I'm getting ready to put in a big adult and teen GN order at the library-- and I know Fables vol. 10 is on the list. Only a few away to catching up.


Tuesday, July 8

Towards the library

I read that My Morning Jacket had a new song called "Librarian". Of course I was interested enough to get it from iTunes. I really like it. This clip doesn't quite cover the whole song. I think it's lovely (and that's not a word I use too often).

It's not like you're not trying, with a pencil in your hair
To defy the beauty the good lord put in there...

Simple little bookworm- buried underneath...
Is the sexiest librarian... take off those glasses and let down your hair for me.

So I watch you thru the bookcase- imaging a scene:
You and I at dinner, spending time, then to sleep.


Sunday, July 6

America's birthday is over

I love when the holiday falls to give us a three day- and I didn't have work at the library! Spent Friday working on the yard and the house, with a raft race in the pool in between. Yesterday, some friends came over for food, beers, sangria, bocce ball, diving in the pool, Wii Fit and carnival games-- all in all a really good day.

Today got to sleep in- shoreturtle made pancakes- and I opened cards and presents, because it's my birthday! Didn't get to bike ride in Canada, so we got our bikes out for the first time in like 2 years and took a 7 mile ride in the park-- and the rain let loose leaving us soaked only in the last mile!

On to comics-- Is anyone else reading Tiny Titans (that doesn't have small children?). I've always thought the little images were cute, but really got interested after seeing Art Baltazar and Franco on a DC panel in Wizard World Philly. They were funny and mentioned how just about any DC character could appear in Tiny Titans...

I bought issue 5, mostly because highlighted on the front is Batgirl (and Nightwing-- his name change is the source of a lot of comedy in the book). There are short stories that cover a lot of DC characters, in a colorful, cutesy superhero style I love. I bought some Super Friends for my nephew which is also adorable. DC is succeeding with the younger crowd with these two titles.

I love the play on the classic Batgirl - the tricycle instead of a Batcycle.

And how about these redheads Sungirl and Star?

There are about 100 more scannable images in just the one Tiny Titans. Let's keep this one alive! (Now if I need to get back on the Trinity weekly- up to 3)

Phillygirl brought over a ton of Fables GNs, so I'll be a busy little reader with those too!

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Wednesday, July 2

Wha? Three years plus one month

I completely forgot to post that I passed the three year blogoversary mark! Blame Canada. (isn't that from South Park the movie?)

2008 has been a hard year personally and professionally, and I know that my posting has been more heavy on the personal. But I think I've still been at blogging about twice a week, so give me that. As always, I appreciate anyone who reads or comments- and especially the bloggers on the sidebar that I read on as regular basis as I can.

The August MidJersey Comicon is kicking into gear, with about 3/4 of tables sold and many interesting calls and emails from new creators that might exhibit. Plus many of my old MJCC friends. This is my fifth con, the only one of 2008, so if you are anywhere near Central Jersey on August 16th, swing on by!

I guess it's the post-trip illness, but I went home sick and crashed for hours. Icky tongue and clogged ears. But only one day before the 4th holiday to work. I hope I feel well enough to spend time in the pool with some beers this weekend!