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Tuesday, July 31


Monday, July 30


Had a great time at the WB studio tour-- saw the batmobile, and Batgirl's cycle, tons of Harry Potter movie costumes, and The Closer was live taping! I saw Kyra Sedwick, took a pic with Captain Taylor, and told JK we loved him as Pope on the show- that's Jamison from the movies. And even saw the original Wonder Woman costume!


La brea

Sunday, July 29

Walk of fame

Friday, July 27

California, rescue me

Off to Cali tomorrow. I have the big Showcase Batgirl to read on the plane!

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Tuesday, July 24

Husbands and knives

A camphone picture from The Police concert last week. The damaging wind and hail held off all night, and our very upper deck seats were far, but I still enjoyed the show. It was 2 hours of hits, after The Fratellis opened. Basic setlist, moving Walking up to slot 3.

Alan Moore, Art Speigelman, and Daniel Clowes Simpsons episode!
Maus-y Ghost World-y Watchmen fun for us! "Husbands and Knives" The three men figure into a subplot centered on Comic Book Guy, who finds himself in direct competition with a new comic book shop called "Coolsville Comics & Toys," run by a fella named Milo (Jack Black).

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Sunday, July 22

eve of the work week

The weekend is ov'er, sigh. Let's see- I went for a run on the canal, on a sunny day when lots of people were out on bikes and running. Then, we ate flatbread pizza. Despite having said he didn't care about Harry Potter, Shoreturtle changed his mind and we went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The kids are aging, the stakes are higher, and there are so many Weasley redheads to adore! I went back to reading the Half Blood Prince, and hope to avoid spoilers on Deathly Hallows. I was ticked the last book because I read a big spoiler when I was only 100 pages in.

Today, there was cleaning all the hardwood floors, and then we saw 2 houses. One was in a great neighborhood, and the house is nice with a few drawbacks. One was dated to say the least. Then we went to these luxury Loft townhomes (the model was 450K, 2 story, just stainless steel and granite and immaculate.) There was another in our price range, but that sort of lifestyle is a big difference. There are keycards and a lobby and LCD visitor screens.

I read The Plain Janes and just loved it. There is teen angst and how art heals all tied up. I'm not sure it's for the World War Hulk type, but thoughtful and artsy types should like the characters Cecil Castellucci created and Jim Rugg's art.


Wednesday, July 18

lemmings into shiny metal boxes

I see you've sent my letters back And my LP records and they're all scratched (Can't stand losing you)

Love can mend your life But love can break your heart (Message in a bottle)

But my silent fears have gripped me Long before I reach the phone(Every little thing she does is magic)

Words that scream for your submission And no one's jamming their transmission (De do do do, De da da da)

Too many cameras and not enough food' Cause this is what we've seen (Driven to Tears)

Is anybody alive in here? Nobody but us (Miss Gradenko)

We have this strange obsession You have the means in your possession (Tea in the Sahara)

I have only come here seeking knowledge Things they wouldn't teach me of in college (Wrapped around your finger)

Tomorrow night we're going to see The Police. It's the first big stadium tour I've seen in a long time, but for The Police reunion I'll make an exception from the small club bands I usually see. Zenyatta Mondatta and Synchronicity I played to oblivion.

I'm sorry that Jane Magazine will stop being published. I have a subscription now, and always loved the more feminist take on beauty, life and music, and sex.

I read The Sinestro Corps, Criminal 7, and SheHulk 19. Still have Dark Tower, DMZ 21, JSA 7 and Jack of Fables 12 to read.
10 days until California, Los Angeles and Santa Monica!

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Sunday, July 15

Ask, and a librarian will tell you where to go

After all the positive connections in the last few years between the comic and the library world, there was not one, but TWO panels in the past two weeks that were negative to libraries and librarians.

Library offense 1: Black Canary 1
"a librarian or whatever blessedly boring thing you like-".

Writer Tony Bedard should spend a week at the reference desk with me. There are some moments where it can be quiet, but it is not blessedly boring. This week for instance, several known patrons are all over the press for being involved in Bloods and Crips drive by shootings. Summer reading programs, computer classes, business assistance, displays, movies, program planning, and more were packed into my six day week. I hate this stereotype that libraries are shushed places where the staff just drinks tea and reads classic literature at their damn desk!

Library offense 2: from one of my favorite writers, Sean McKeever on SpiderMan Loves Mary Jane 20:

I hate the false reinforcement that libraries have been replaced by the internet. In fact, visit a public library in the United States and you'll find they are being used more heavily each year. The Internet has led to dramatic increases in the circulation of all library information services and materials in ways that extend the use of those services well beyond the walls of the brick and mortar building.

I know that in every catagory- from the people counter to computer usage to program attendance- my public library has grown, sometimes with dramatic numbers. We know Peter Parker is a nerdy scholar, and maybe McKeever is even wink-winking this, but I know some people will take this at face value as fact.

And on his last SMLMJ issue!
He does make up for it in this redhead lovin' panel:

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Friday, July 13

into Faker

Faker #1
Mike Carey, Jock

I liked the modern characters and cadence of Mike Carey's Faker. The main character in issue 1 is Jessie, blonde female who seduces her professor to blackmail him for dough. While I don't like her actions, and she seems morally vacant, it is still an interesting read. The story just began for Nick - he shows up after a hard night of partying for the four friends. But his professor doesn't recognize him, and he's not in the computer system...the mystery begins.

Madame Mirage #1 sells out

In Mirage’s world there are no heroes and ultra tech villains wear suits and sell their “troubleshooting” services under the guise of an organization called Aggressive Solutions International or ASI. But now this femme fatale from the mists emerges and begins to systematically hunt their kind down.


Firefighters website exposes Guiliani at Rudy-Urban Legend

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Wednesday, July 11

#1 song and day you were born

Thanks Rmo for this link: The #1 song the day you were born

I'm going to add my Library Thing list to the sidebar. I'm not doing much more than just keep a running list of things I read.
Library Thing for Redhead Fangirl

Library Thing Suggest can be fun to play with. You put in a book you read or own and get a suggestion of what you'd like.

I hear that the Showcase Batgirl comes out now. I'm 3 weeks behind on comics because of the house, holiday, bday, events.

Monday, July 9

Hipper crowd of shushers

Friend J from The Full Catastrophe was the first to send this to me, since then it's been on all the library sites..

NY Times article on a group of modern librarians-

Librarians? Aren’t they supposed to be bespectacled women with a love of classic books and a perpetual annoyance with talkative patrons — the ultimate humorless shushers?

Not any more. With so much of the job involving technology and with a focus now on finding and sharing information beyond just what is available in books, a new type of librarian is emerging — the kind that, according to the Web site Librarian Avengers, is “looking to put the ‘hep cat’ in cataloguing.”

GalleyCat summary


Sunday, July 8

Blue Dr. Zoidberg

Man, the house has been like a runway with all the agent and buyer visits in the last week. Two today alone-- we were so prepared for a slow market that it's surprising. So it was an extra long beach day for me.

I realized I never shared all my photos from Wizard World Philadelphia. Some I've posted, but there are artists Steve McNiven, and Khoi Pham (World War Hulk)-- both were very excellent to talk to. McNiven will soon be announced on a hush-hush series. He also said he and his wife love libraries!

There's a pic of me and Kenneth Roquefort, who came from Puerto Rico to promote his Madame Mirage comic. I liked the vigilante Paul Dini story, but as par the course, her boobs have their own zip code.

Also, a dark photo of the Bendis lead arm wrestling session between David Mack and Mike Oeming!
And the adorable blue Dr. Zoidberg figure. The guy at the booth made me laugh because he was geeking out talking about this episode, than stopped himself and shook his head because he knew he was geeking out!

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Friday, July 6

Bday spidog!

Wednesday, July 4

Happy 4th Americans!

Well, that holiday went fast! I haven't felt good about America during this administration, but there it is. We watched some fireworks at the college last night, a good 30 minutes in our small town. Today, I got up early on my day off, still recovering from the sinus infection, and ran a 5K. Shoreturtle, J and his son, and I ran the Revolutionary Run in Washington Crossing, PA. Good course along the canal, well organized. More people ran the 10K, but I ran the whole time and once again had a burst at the end to come in strong!

4 agents came in 5 days came to look at our house. Just trying to put away my clothes and put the glasses in the dishwasher, plus having to book out of here if there is a call. Fingers crossed!

I got Preacher 4 and 5 now that PhillyGirl got me reading P. The kid at B&N said, uh, these are the same when I went to pick them up. Different volumes I piped up.

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Monday, July 2

There she goes again

Heidi at Comics Fairplay memed me on the 8 random facts about myself.

"Here are the rules:
- Each player starts with eight random facts about themselves.
- Those who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight facts and post these rules.
- At the end of the post, choose some people to get tagged and list their names."

1. For years I taught environment education - I was responsible for a large animal room of snakes, turtles, toads, and trout.

2. I am excellent at toe pinching.

3. I've lived in Gainesville, GA, Bozeman, MT and Carrollton, OH.

4. I love thunderstorms.

5. I spent thousands of quarters in the arcade playing Food Fight, Dig Dug, and Galaga.

6. My favorite candy bar is 100 grand.

7. I performed as a little kid on the Jerry Lewis telethon.

8. I am intrigued by all books on addiction, and the television show Intervention. I just read a fiction book, The King of Methlehem.

I tag anyone on my blogroll that has yet to do this!

My house just went up for sale, so there has been a lot of cleaning, decluttering going on. I hope everyone has a great 4th (yeah, Holiday!).

I've read a few not mainstream comics last week- White Picket Fences and Dominion, both of which I can recommend.