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Friday, July 13

into Faker

Faker #1
Mike Carey, Jock

I liked the modern characters and cadence of Mike Carey's Faker. The main character in issue 1 is Jessie, blonde female who seduces her professor to blackmail him for dough. While I don't like her actions, and she seems morally vacant, it is still an interesting read. The story just began for Nick - he shows up after a hard night of partying for the four friends. But his professor doesn't recognize him, and he's not in the computer system...the mystery begins.

Madame Mirage #1 sells out

In Mirage’s world there are no heroes and ultra tech villains wear suits and sell their “troubleshooting” services under the guise of an organization called Aggressive Solutions International or ASI. But now this femme fatale from the mists emerges and begins to systematically hunt their kind down.


Firefighters website exposes Guiliani at Rudy-Urban Legend

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At 4:30 PM, Blogger jewmaican20 said...

I really like Jock's art. Losers wouldn't have been the same if not for his storytelling, and I'm really pumped to see him again, not only in Faker, but in Green Arrow Year One...


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