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Tuesday, May 2

If the sky that we look upon

...should tumble and fall, or the mountains should crumble to the sea. Playing this on my guitar this week. Such a simple and powerful song Stand by me is. My guitar teacher says I have excellent technique-- my pinky is in the upper echelon for placement. Ha, Josh Homme and Dave Grohl and The Donnas!

Tomorrow is the release of Infinite Crisis 7. We are deep in the One Year Later books, and 52 will start filling in that missing year. Where heroes more noble, and accessible back in the Crisis on Infinite Earth days? Have our dark and gritty want of the "real" overwhelmed the justice, honor and what it means to be a hero? I know IC attempted to meld that debate into this comic series. I haven't read all the OYLs, but like where Birds of Prey and Catwoman are going, Batman was OK, and even liked the Ollie as horndog mayor in Green Arrow OYL.

What Marvel is calling "the most anticipated book of the year" [well, that's up for debate], Civil War, written by Scotsman Mark Millar and pencilled by Steve gaptooth McNiven. 48 pages, $3.99.
Suddenly the great mutant population had been reduced to a mere fraction of its former size. Then the Hulk seemed to vanish. Disassembled, decimated, and divided (alliteration always works!), the world is growing darker. Civil War, it seems is inevitable. The world is holding it's breath. Who will fire...When heroes fight, who is the villian? Whose side are you on?

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At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm finding Firestorm to be a decent read, along with Birds of Prey, Robin, and even Teen Titans.

The big One Year Later losers seem to be Nightwing, who pulls a double by sucking in both Nightwing AND the Outsiders.

I have little to no desire for Civil War, though. I can at least appreciate that it isn't another mutant-fest, but it seems to just be rehashing a lot of the same mutant themes. I just hope it doesn't screw with X-Factor or Nextwave.

At 3:44 AM, Blogger Mark Kardwell said...

I'm thinking of running a similar offer - send me five bucks and I'll send you a comic I think you might like ...eventually, if you're really lucky.

At 7:06 PM, Blogger RedheadFangirl said...

I'm not reading Nightwing, but shame it's not a good read, because I want good things for him-- you know, because of the Nightwing/Oracle connection. I'm sure Ellis will make it interesting in Nextwave no matter what- twisted English head he has.

M- how about send you 5 bucks (well, how about 5 pounds, still worth a lot more these days?) and you'll email a suggestion. No output on your end!


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