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Wednesday, February 8

Unashamedly girly

"Not your average collection of impossibly proportioned vixens in spandex"

My plan was to write a thoughtful review of the Sexy Chix anthology, but last night I saw Chris at Crisis/Boring change stole my thunder here. Take a look at a thoughtful dude's take on the anthology. He also provides links to the lengthy list of contributors!

While Chris seems somewhat disappointed in the premise, intention and execution of it, I am not. While it does says "yes, women belong in comics, and not just in a bustier" I think it gives some unknown or little known women a chance to have some attention. Everyone has to start somewhere, ya know? If some of these artists and writers had to produce a monthly series for Marvel or DC, there work would get much more honed. Or they would burn out.

The "chix" telling these stories are 8 years old to over 50.
"These particular women are all creative, interesting human beings with some very real female concerns- and that's what's really sexy. "

I really liked...
Colleen Doran's Yellow Fever about a friend with an obsession of Japanese pop culture. I've been buying her art in The Book of Lost Souls recently. ...I have never mistaken attention for admiration...

Gail Simone's True Tales from the Shampoo Bowl
"Never underestimate the awesome transformative power of a great hairstyle"

Banana Sunday was one of my fav's from last year. Colleen Coover's The Boogeyman is a much darker story of the inner torment one woman faces.

An Admission , by Meghan Kinder-- of the guy who stomps her heart. "I have feelings for you but...I like being alone..I like the way my life is now." I can't believe the nerve, is he serious?
"So, friends?"


At 8:51 AM, Blogger rich said...

Some day, get your hands on COMIC BOOK CONFIDENTIAL, a documentary by Ron Mann. Several old-line artists are interviewed along with newer (in the 1980s) personalities. A few women artists are interviewed and "dramatize" their stories by reading the dialogue while the camera travels across the page.


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