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Monday, December 5

That's Entertainment

People assume I read Wizard magazine, but I don't. But the year end issue has been quite interesting. Here are are more 2005/2006 juicy bits I liked:

DC comics getting the axe in 2006: Aquaman, Batgirl, Gotham Central, Gotham Knights, Legends of the Dark Knight, JLA, Superman, The Flash and Wonder Women. Some will be relaunched or renumbered.

Costumes we love, #3
Batgirl original costume
''We wanna see the femme Batman with a winning smile and some curves (and hey, a redhead would be nice1)

Stephen Kings "Dark Tower" series.
April brings a prequel to the Dark Tower books with a 6 issue mini series. This series is one of the few King things I haven't read, but I have patrons who are rabid for it.
Hawkgirl's own series
Coming in March, written by Walt Simonson and art by Howard Chaykin. Big guns!

Loved the article where Infinite Crisis artist Phil Jimenez goes to NY comic stores and even takes fans out to hear their opinions. "I work at home alone, so I have no sense anyone reads comics. To be here and have people excited about it is great." And Johns said, "Will people be mad? We kill people in some pretty horrible ways."


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