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Saturday, October 4

KS Spidey (and redheads)

At Midtown Comics last week, I scored the King Size Spider-Man summer special. Colleen Coover's art is the star, with "Un-enchanted evening" the starter story, staring Mary Jane Watson. In fact, there are many redheads-- Hellcat, Marvel Girl, Scarlet Witch (with Medusa as "redundant. already have three redheads.".

Mary Jane's story begins with a night with models Millie and Patsy (Walker, as in Hellcat). Patsy goes through a portal and a team of female hero-types, with many redheads and She-Hulk, another female favorite of mine.

If you missed this summer special, there's also a Keith Giffen "Street Monsters" story and a "Paperboy Showdown" by Chris Giarrusso, also in the fun cute style that pits Spidey with Venom to deliver Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) paper.

Picked up 3 weeks, for $36 worth of comics. 3 Trinities, and assorted other titles.
Hope you are enjoying the start of fall-- I've been wearing sweaters myself.

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