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Tuesday, September 30

That little Minx

I'm sad to see the Minx line cancellation. Not just personally, because I liked The Plain Janes and The New York Four, but professionally as a librarian. This was the crossover line for YA readers who are not fanboys and fangirls. I handed many teen girls ReGifters or Good as Lilly or Confessions of a Blabbermouth.

The age appropriate and excellent art, with the witty stories, were a hit with their audience. I guess it was just a small audience-- the teen girls who read manga generally wouldn't read the Minx line. So it was the avid teen girl reader, but not the ones reading Scrapped Princess or Death Note.

And I think it's already been said here, that just because Minx is being cancelled doesn't mean girls don't want comics with real stories, with real emotion that can touch them combined with art that represents more than the extremes of the superhero realm.

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