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Sunday, September 14

Jersey humidity

The humidity today was unbearable. My hair feels twice as big.

It's good to have friends to share graphic novels with- PhillyGirl has lent me a few that I wouldn't have bought but have enjoyed. I'm now reading her Garth Ennis The Punisher- there are government types, mafia, and Frank in the crosshairs. Interesting.

Picked up two weeks of comics and got two big boxes of donations for the library. 2 Trinitys, a Buffy, The Stand, Spider-Man loves MJ...

Was excited to see the new Gail SimoneSecret Six #1. Scandal is mourning her loss of Knockout (which leads to Ragdoll offering a 'present'), and Catman and Deadshot discuss who they are while caught in a store robbery. Huntress makes an appearance, and a new member will join the team...Nicola Scott pencils bring it all to life.

On the novel side, I read Hell Hole by Chris Grabenstein, mystery set on the Jersey Shore.

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At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to get to the comic book shop and pick up over a month's worth of comics. Hopefully I will still have some funds left to pick up more trades too.

Right now I'm reading Wicked. A bit different from the musical, but I still like it. We'll have to get together when I get back from vacation. - Phillygirl


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