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Sunday, September 28

on the Fringe

A misty and wet weekend here. Spent yesterday in New York with shoreturtles sister and her husband, showing them Little Italy and Chinatown. Was fun.

They went on a tour, so I snuck in Midtown Comics. Bought Echo, Sword, Ennis' Back to Brooklyn 1, and finally got my hands on that King Size Spiderman from the summer. Colleen Coover's art is so adorable-- with many Marvel redheads. Will try to scan some.

Also picked up Fringe- a prequel comic to the show. I've enjoyed the first 3 episodes, especially Joshua Jackson and John Noble as son-father. Here's a site of Fringe Bloggers.

Also, I resisted Facebook, but gave in and made a profile. High school friends found me, someone with my exact name, and someone I worked with in Atlanta. It's so much better than the come-ons on myspace.



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