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Monday, December 4

#12 Guy Gardner

Green Lantern Guy Gardner is not your Opie or Jimmie Olson dork-redhead-- he is arrogant and brash. A former football hero who never could win his father's love, his hot temper became hallmark of his character. Guy fits the stereotype of the tempermental redhead, another redhead archtype. And he does it so well.

He was created by John Broome and Gil Kane (who patterned him after actor Martin Milner in Green Lantern #59 (March 1968), although the character was changed significantly in the 1980s Steve Englehart and Keith Giffen who turned him into a boorish, jingoistic parody of an ultra-macho "red-blooded American male." This remains the character's most recognized interpretation to date.

He challenged Batman as League chairman, and promptly got his socks knocked off. He's the 80's teen movie villian- jock and ass at once- that we love to see get comeuppance.

Johns and Van Sciver reinvent Hal Jordan, and Guy in Green Lantern: Rebirth
In Green Lantern: Rebirth #6 it is mentioned that Guy Gardner's ring is constantly sparking with energy, as if unable to contain the power of his will.

It's a good time to be a Guy fan with the release of Guy Gardner: Collateral Damage. Chaykin is the artist and writer-- lots of teeth baring will happen!

If you love a Redhead, set her free ...
If she follows you everywhere you go, pitches a tent in your front lawn and puts your new girlfriend in the hospital, she's yours.


At 8:50 PM, Anonymous Nick said...

Anxiously waiting I am, to get my hands on the Collateral Damage title. I like this new resurgence of popularity concerning Guy Gardner. I always thought characterization on Guy was unique within the DCU and am glad Johns kinda brought him back to the forefront of the DCU again. I tell ya I think Geoff Johns is the biggest GL nerd out there, he writes Guy and Hal well and he brought back Jack T. Chance. Other then me and maybe five others, NOBODY remembers GL: Jack T. Chance, lol.

At 11:17 AM, Blogger redlib said...

I'll be with the nobodies - I don't remember Jack T. Will have to investigate.
I just heard recently that the Green Lantern comic fans are the most obsessive in the comic realm.


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