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Tuesday, December 6

King delayed and Manhunter trouble

Stephen King's Dark Tower comics are now delayed until February 2007. Fandom has a lot of opinions about Marvel, big name authors, and announcing dates for a series that is now set back a whole year.

Manhunter, written by Marc Andreyko, is in danger of being cancelled because of the DC 20,000 copy limit cutoff. He is scrambling to get comic stores and fans to buy the comic. I have a few issues, and have enjoyed Manhunter. If I read a trade and understood the whole plot, I'd like it more. Some says its "the most underrated title" from DC.


At 3:54 PM, Blogger Shelly said...

I was reading Manhunter, which has lovely art, but for some reason that I never did figure out, it started to annoy me.

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