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Sunday, November 20

Pink slips for Plastic, Gotham, Batgirl, JLA

This post is from Comic Book Commentary's post on
Riot Comics and Culture post- everyone credited now!

Plastic Man is CANCELLED.
Gotham Central is CANCELLED.
Batman: Gotham Knights is CANCELLED.
Batgirl is CANCELLED.
-(comment-- leaving the door open for Barbara Gordon, wiggling toes now, to walk again-- some sort of Oracle/Batgirl will be created is my guess. Boracle? Batacle?)
Adventures of Superman is being CANCELLED and the Superman title is being reverted back to its original numbering (starting with #650).
Flash is ENDING (not yet sure what the difference is with being CANCELLED).
the "current run" of Wonder Woman is ENDING as well.

Folks have been talking about the scene in Infinite Crisis #1 where the Bat-Signal is shining on The Spectre's chest. Hmm?

And evidently, the group that Donna Troy has recruited to fly off into space with her (Starfire, Sentinel, Bumblebee, Red Tornado, Firestorm, Jade, Herald, Cyborg, Air Wave, Shift and Supergirl) will go through the wringer as well. One of them will be changed. One of them will offer the ultimate sacrifice.

There will be a new Blue Beetle.

One of the "Big Three" will be replaced.

the Hawkman title will become Hawkgirl.

I've heard word that some of the new titles created may include: Adam Strange, Animal Man, Atom, Booster Gold, Ion, Spectre, Suicide Squad, Superboy, Zatanna.

But only DC knows for sure.


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