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Monday, November 14

She is an aberration to this universe

Infinite Crisis 2 0f 7

I'm torn on this series. I do like the hope and light message Johns brings --- some of the honor back to the JLA. Looking at those panels Jimenez draws while the alternate Superman watches this Earth "a darkness seemed to spread, warping the heroes lives. Some dies. Other lost their lives. We watched for years hoping everyone would find inspiration again. But as we continued to look on...Things got worse." Most comic fans discuss this as the 'dark age' --the DC response to the success of a moody Spiderman and dark Xmen plots. While its grittier and more real, its a far cry from the triumph of my childhood Superfriends and Batman/Robin (which were bloated with campiness, I know).

However, I have a huge aversion to Power Girl. I've always thought she is like the pornified version of a superheroine, with her blonde hair and RIDICULOUSly huge boobs. She's the opposite of the women I love in comics-- like Batgirl. I know she's a fighter, blah, blah, but the idea of her being center of this huge series is a heinosity (heinous and atrocity). "In this reality, she may be the most important person on the planet" Make it stop.


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