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Wednesday, November 16

No more mutants?

House of M Issues 7 and 8
Brian Michael Bendis- writer
Olivier Coipel- penciler

Avengers. X-Men. Mutants. The cast of House of M seems to include everyone in the Marvel universe-- and thousands/millions of unnamed mutants. I'll confess that I am not the most familiar Avengers fan out there. I do love Spiderman, and have grown to like She-Hulk. Emma Frost is OK in my opinion. There are just so many Xmen series that I just can't open that door and enjoy the indies too.

Wanda Maximoff has altered the world - she burrowed down into a self-made existence, and to hell with how it changed the lives of everyone else.

Spidey, after being with Gwen in the altered reality, wakes up to find Mary Jane sitting by the bed. "You OK, Mr. Parker?" "Headache" "Try not to get hit on the head by big mechanical octopus arms so much". MJ doesn't remember.

Logan "I whole life...I remember all of it."

Some remember the other world, some don't.
Is the mutant gene deleted from everyone..or repressed? The comic leaves us with the unanswered questions of where the mutant energy went...and how will it effect the Earth.


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Hey redhead.I need a better close up of your face to draw post one on your blog slightly side on and smiling and i will make you a super girl/bat girl.My daughter has red hair does the mother in law so its not all good.Robins fair put the beef on as they say in Scotland.


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