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Saturday, November 19

Overheard in NY

More from yesterday's National Comic Book expo--

I overheard quite a few fanboys and dealers comment that this year's
New York Comic Con, Feb 24-26 looks great. There is excitement about this con, and I even heard one person say that the NY show might start to rival San Diego. I've never been to a Javits Center con, but the guest list is pretty rockin right now. Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Brad Melzer are guests of honor.

Also, a vendor I met at Chiller who sold me the Green Lantern Tshirt told me that Chiller would be moving back to the Crowne Plaza, Secaucus, NJ on Jan 27-29. There was drama involving Chiller, the fire marshal, and money exchanges at the last place.
Chiller Theatre

The very best place to find out about comic convention is Comic Book Conventions
the appropriately titled site.


At 4:30 PM, Blogger Rae said...

Cute shirt!! Redheads always look great in green!! (Our kitchen is the SAME bright yellow color you're standing in front of! I love color!!) I actually know where Seacaucus (sp??) is now - it was one of the train stops on our way into NJ every day. We watched Apprentice today (from 2 weeks ago!) and spent the whole time saying 'we've been there! i know where that is!!'. NYC is one of my Travelocity fare watches now and I am all about going back in the spring and partying properly with you guys. You guys should swing down and cheer for me in Miami - I am going to try my best to go out dancing after my M! I may look like Elaine in Seinfeld but it will still be great fun!


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